Do Wyze Plugs Work With Smart Life?

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There is no doubt that when setting up your smart home devices, you have to pay attention to the ones that can be integrated into your central home ecosystems such as Google Home, Alexa, Smart Things, or Smart Life. These are the major smart home ecosystems in the market, and they integrate smart home devices into their speakers which makes them easier to control using only your voice.

The Wyze Smart Plug (Indoor and Outdoor) does not work with Smart Life. Wyze products are not currently integrated with the Smart Life ecosystem. Although, you can use the sensors on Smart Life through IFTTT to trigger actions with your Wyze Products.

You probably may have an existing ecosystem with Smart Life, and you may want to introduce the Wyze Smart plug into this system. In this article, you are going to discover if this is possible, which brands work with Smart Life, and which other ecosystem is compatible with your Wyze plug.

Do Wyze Plugs Work With Tuya?

I know you may be confused with the word “Tuya” at first, but it is the parent company that developed the Smart Life ecosystem. They provide a tabletop for companies to build and integrate their smart devices including smart plugs. This means that there are a lot of budget-smart devices that may be able to work all together under one umbrella. So does the Wyze Plug work with Smart Life?

Although Smart Life is a great smart home system that is cheap, and a perfect alternative to most mainstream ecosystems, it, unfortunately, does not support Wyze Smart Plugs. 

Also using the IFTTT method to trigger actions with your Wyze smart plug gives your smart device limited function, but it can be managed individually using your Wyze App. If you would like to learn more about Wyze, take a look at this article.

Which Brands Work With Smart Life?

You probably haven’t yet decided on the smart plug you want to purchase for your Smart Life ecosystem, and since Wyze products don’t work directly with your ecosystem, you may be looking for other brands which you can use instead of the Wyze brand. We are going to be looking at smart home brands that work with Smart Life.

Some of the brands that may work with Smart Life are listed below. These are not all the brands, but more of a comprehensive list:

  • Avatar
  • Nooie
  • Techin 
  • Gosund
  • Digoo
  • Treatlife
  • Novostella
  • Lotty
  • Nedis
  • Lidl
  • Bakery 
  • Ener-J

I know most of these brands look strange to you, and you might not have heard of any of them. The thing is that Smart Life is a Chinese firm, and most Chinese IoT uses Smart Life. There are hundreds of smart home products from several brands that will work with the Smart Life App. 

What is Wyze Capable of Connecting To?

Probably you may have bought the Wyze smart plug, and you are looking for a smart home ecosystem that supports your product. The Wyze brand is supported by a few smart home ecosystems. You will have to integrate it into a third-party ecosystem so you can control and enable voice control. So which platform is the Wyze product compatible with?

Wyze smart home products can be integrated into Amazon’s Alexa, Google Home, and IFTTT only. This would also work with a Google Assistant-enabled device like the Google Home or an Alexa-enabled device such as the Echo Show. The IFTTT integration also makes use of Applet to command and execute actions.

What is Wyze compatible With?

There are also specific products that would only work with these ecosystems, unless, you would just have to control the rest through your official Wyze App.

These products included:

  • Wyze Smart Plugs
  • Wyze Cam
  • Wyze Cam Pan
  • Wyze Band
  • Wyze Sense
  • Wyze headphones
  • Wyze Bulbs

These products are the only products you can seamlessly control through your Amazon Alexa or Google Home. You can then give voice-enabled instructions like “Alexa, turn on the tea kettle”, and the Wyze smart plug used on the tea kettle would activate. 


So you may have bought a Wyze plug even though your home is automated with the Smart Life ecosystem. Although you may not be able to integrate it directly, you can just control it directly with the Wyze App, or you can connect all your devices including your Smart Life with a more popular home automation system like Amazon or Google. 

If you also have the option of getting a smart plug for your Smart Life automated smart home, you may also consider getting one that can be directly integrated into the Smart Life system so that you can have all your smart home devices under one roof.

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