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Do Wyze Plugs Work With Siri?

Last Updated Dec 26, 2021
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Smart plugs made by companies like Wyze can connect to a versatile ecosystem that can be controlled easily using their virtual assistants. These virtual assistants make voice automation of your smart plug possible so you don’t even have to push a button. But your Wyze plug may not work with all of them. Let’s say you have Apple’s Siri, can your Wyze smart plug work with this virtual assistant? 

Wyze Smart plug (indoor and Outdoor) does not work with Apple’s Siri. This is because your Wyze smart plug is not compatible with Siri yet. You can try other Virtual Assistants or ecosystems like Amazon’s Alexa, Google’s Virtual assistant, IFTTT, or Microsoft’s Cortana. 

For HomeKit, the software framework is already being set up with every Apple device you use so that your smart home won’t lack connectivity. In this article, we are going to be looking at if Wyze products can generally be integrated into the Apple HomeKit software, if Siri is compatible with any other smart plug, and what brands they are.

Do Wyze Products Work With Apple HomeKit?

Owning a device that is compatible with your smart home’s ecosystem is very important because these devices communicate with each other to give your smart home the best-automated process. Before getting one, you have to ensure it works with your ecosystem. Wyze products work on a versatile number of ecosystems, is the Apple HomeKit one of them?

For a smart home device to work with Apple HomeKit, it needs to have a “works with HomeKit” sticker on the packaging/sales page. Then with Siri in any of your Apple devices, you can control the smart device. Unfortunately, Wyze products do not have these stickers so they can’t be integrated into HomeKit. 

Finding and connecting compatible smart home devices with Apple’s HomeKit isn’t that easy. The platform is very selective when it comes to third-party devices due to its privacy concerns. Although as time goes on, improvement would come along the way, and more smart home companies would be added to the list of compatible devices.

Does Siri Work With Smart Plugs?

Apple’s Smart Home ecosystem isn’t that popular as the ones from Google, or Amazon but its AI can be used as a home assistant to control your smart home devices. As with other AIs, there is still more to discover what they can do. Now you may have found out that you cannot integrate Wyze smart plugs in the HomeKit ecosystem but what about smart plugs in general, do they work with Siri?

Just like Alexa or Google Voice Assistant, Siri CAN work with smart plugs only if the brand can be integrated into the HomeKit ecosystem. When purchasing a smart plug for your HomeKit ecosystem, consider the one that has a “works with HomeKit” sticker on the packaging, or the online product description.

Once compatible, Siri can then be summoned to turn on the smart plugs, turn it off, and schedule a time you can switch it on/off. You can even get to do this anywhere around the world. Just check the sticker, or the online description of your smart plug when buying it for your HomeKit Ecosystem before making any purchases. 

If you would like to learn more about Wyze, check out this article. In the next section, we would be looking at smart plug brands that are compatible with HomePod. 

What Smart Plugs Are Compatible With HomePod?

Using smart plugs that are compatible with the HomePod is the simplest way you can create a smart electronic device integrating both Siri for voice control and Support for home app automations. Since Wyze smart plugs can’t connect directly with your HomeKit interface, there are a ton of more smart plug brands that can. 

Smart Plugs Brands that work with HomeKit, HomePod, and Siri:

  • iHome 
  • Wemo 
  • Lutron
  • ConnectSense
  • iDevices
  • PureGear
  • Legrand
  • Philips
  • Even Homes
  • Vocolinc

These are just a few smart plug brands that work and can be integrated into Siri by connecting it to your HomeKit. More brands work with your HomePod. Just check at the packaging, or the online description of the brand, and ensure that the “Works with HomeKit” sticker is available before you purchase. 


Wyze is a cheap but standard company that makes a ton of smart home equipment like smart plugs for its customers. It can be integrated with major smart home ecosystems such as the Alexa and Google smart home. 

It should have the ability to also connect to Apple’s HomeKit so you could use it on Siri, but unfortunately, it doesn’t. The development team revealed that they are working tirelessly to get their products on the home kit ecosystem. I hope that happens soon for easy integration.

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