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Do The HP Deskjet Printers Print Double Sided?

Last Updated Jun 2, 2022

It is convenient to have a printer readily available to meet your needs when working from home. That way, you can print forms, presentations, and other important documents to effectively get your work done. This can eat paper up quickly if done single-sided, making many consumers wonder, do the HP Deskjet printers print double-sided?

HP Deskjet printers don’t print double-sided on their own. To get the printer to print dual-sided, you’ll need to buy an additional attachment or do it manually. Only certain HP Deskjet models are compatible with the dual-sided printing attachment.

If you are looking to cut down on paper usage and have the determination to add an additional attachment to your printer or play around with the paper until it gets the desired result, then you will become successful with your goal. Read on to learn how to get your HP Deskjet printer to double-sided print using either option.

It’s All About the Accessories

Despite HP Deskjet‘s inability to print one-sided automatically; users can get creative and use an additional attachment to print double-sided. 

HP has developed an automatic two-sided printing accessory compatible with certain Deskjet printer models. This accessory is attached to the printer to facilitate double-sided printing.

Purchasing this accessory will make your double-sided printing much easier and faster. Read on to learn if your HP Deskjet supports the two-sided printing accessory and how to use it.

All About Compatibility

Not every HP Deskjet printer will be able to print with the accessory attached. This is because the two accessories that provide this capability have a very select set of printer models they are compatible with. The first step in using this device is verifying that you have the right printer model. Here is a quick list for your convenience:

Two-Sided Accessory ModelCompatible HP Deskjet Models
C8955A5150, 5151, 5145, 5650, 5652, 5850
Q5712A6520, 6540, 6543, 6620, 6840, 6843

If you have an HP Deskjet that falls under one of these models, then you will be able to purchase the double-sided printing accessory to be able to use this feature. This is not only convenient, but it is also more affordable than buying a brand new printer all of a sudden.

Using the Double-Sided Accessory

Now that you know your HP Deskjet printer is compatible with the two-sided printing accessory, it is time to put it to good use. Some people will be surprised that it takes a little more finesse than simply connecting it and printing. Here are the steps to use it correctly:

  1. Install the accessory according to the manual’s instructions
  2. Open up the document you want to print
  3. Print the document using File, then Print
  4. Open up the properties tab that comes up on the print screen
  5. Go to Finishing
  6. Select print on both sides
  7. If you want the printer to print on both sides automatically, click the box listed as automatic
  8. Select Ok

You will be able to set the accessory up to automatically print double-sided if a document is sent to the accessory for printing. As a result, you will not have to make any adjustments going forward.

Before printing, you should also ensure that all of your drivers are up to date to prevent any connection issues.

Manual Double-Sided Printing

For those who do not have a double-sided accessory compatible HP Deskjet printer, the only way to get double-sided printing to occur is through a manual process. This means printing in a specific order and then manually flipping the paper yourself. If you have never had to print manually in this manner, follow these instructions to get the job done:

  1. Print only the odd pages of the document first
  2. Remove the documents from the printer, and make sure the ink is dry
  3. Put the paper back into the tray
  4. Rotate the pages so that the header is upside down
  5. Flip them over so the blank side on the back is facing up, and place them in the tray
  6. Go back and prompt the printer to print the even page
  7. Take the documents out, and you have a two-sided printed document

If you are not sure that this is the right way to flip the document for your paper feed, then you should do a sample set before printing an actual document. Take a blank piece of paper, mark it and feed it through to get a sense of the proper rotation to print in the best way for your circumstance.

Two-Sided Story

It can be frustrating to prepare a large document without the ability to print on both sides. Luckily, HP has come up with multiple solutions for this since working from home has become so popular. So grab a double-sided printing accessory or manually flip the pages. Enjoy less paper waste and more time to relax with this new innovation.

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