Do Sharp TVs Have PIP or Picture in Picture

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Sharp TVs are among the best in their class. If you have already bought one or are looking into purchasing one, you may want to know if the TV has PIP (Picture in Picture).

Depending on the model of TV, some Sharp TVs have Picture in Picture, and some don’t. Check the manufacturer specifications to be sure.

If your Sharp TV has PIP, it will be in the manual and also on the remote for your TV. Let’s take a look at how to access Picture in Picture from your remote if your TV has it included.

Why Is PIP/Picture in Picture a Desirable Feature for TVs?

Picture in Picture can be seen not only in TVs but also in computers and mobile devices. Picture in Picture allows you to view a channel, app, or other form of data, offset from the original image you have in the foreground. PIP frees a portion of your screen that you may want to use for other tasks, so if you are a fan of multitasking, you can find this feature useful.

Picture in Picture is handy when it comes to TVs as it lets you watch two channels at once without the need to switch back and forth to keep track of them. It is great for watching sports because of this.

Picture in Picture is not only great for watching 2 channels at the same time. Picture in Picture can be used on a smart TV for more than just that. If you are using an application on your smart TV and would still like to catch your favorite show, you have that option available to you.

You can do several tasks without interference and disruption if you know how to handle the PIP feature.

Using PIP on Your Sharp TV

If you have found that your TV has the Picture in Picture feature, you can access it by simply pressing PIP on the remote.

Sharp TV’s with PIP can display two different sets of images using Picture in Picture. One with a green frame and one with a white frame:

  • Green Frame – This indicates that the operation will affect the picture in the green frame. Pressing “P” and up or down will change the channel that is presented in the green frame. If the frame is not green, press “Green” on your Sharp remote. Make sure you have selected the picture in the green frame to be able to switch it.
  • White Frame – This indicates that the remote option does not affect anything in the white colored frame.

How to Control PIP Mode on Sharp TV

There are also colored buttons that you can press on your Sharp remote that change the operation of the Picture in Picture option on your TV:

  • Red – Pressing the Red button can freeze or unfreeze the image in the selected frame.
  • Yellow – Pressing Yellow swaps the contents of the two pictures.
  • Blue – After selecting which picture you want to change is in the green frame, pressing Blue will scan the stations available. Pressing Blue again will stop the scan.

Now, let’s move on to using the PIP Menu.

Using the PIP Menu

The PIP Menu can be found on your Sharp TV by pressing the PIP button. Within this menu you can set the Picture in Picture type to be split screen or small picture. You can also change the location of the small picture to your liking.

To reach this Menu:

  1. Press PIP on the remote to open the Picture in Picture Menu.
  2. Make sure the picture you want to operate is selected with the green frame.
  3. Press Menu. From here you can select Small PIP or Split Screen.
  4. Under Position you can change the position of the small picture. You can also move the position of the small picture to the corner of the screen by pressing up, down, left, or right, correspondingly.

Now that you know all of the good about PIP, let’s move on to its limitations.

Limitations of PIP

Depending on what kind of setup you have with your inputs, your options for Picture in Picture may be limited:

  • You can not display two different encoded signals on your TV using PIP.
  • If you are recording, changing the picture and selecting the station is restricted.
  • Keep in mind that the inset window will have no sound. Only the main viewing window that you are watching will output sound, so select which one you want to listen to wisely.

Now you know everything there is to know about Picture in Picture mode on your Sharp TV.


PIP (Picture in Picture) is a feature that is available for some, but not all, Sharp TV’s. If this is a feature you want, be certain to ask questions and check the specifications before purchasing your next TV.

PIP is a great feature for those who like to multitask. Using the option is a great way to get several things done at once, or stay in tune with sports games during prime playing season.

We hope this answered all your questions!

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