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Do Samsung Smart TVs Have Bluetooth?

Last Updated Nov 20, 2021
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Samsung smart TVs are some of the most advanced televisions on the market. They offer many features that average televisions do not offer. While exploring all of your Samsung smart TV’s features, you may find yourself wondering if one of them is Bluetooth.

Most Samsung smart TVs have Bluetooth. Users can connect devices like your remote control, hearing aids, external speakers, and headphones. By following the instructions given in the user manual, users could connect third-party Bluetooth devices to their smart TV within a matter of minutes.

Continue reading to learn more about Samsung’s smart TVs’ Bluetooth capabilities and what it has to offer.  

Are Samsung Smart TVs Bluetooth?

Most modern-day smart TVs, such as the Samsung smart TV, will have Bluetooth capabilities; however, not all of them may have it. If you’re unsure whether your device supports Bluetooth, luckily there are a few easy ways to find out for sure:

Having a Smart Remote

The easiest way to check if you can use your Samsung TV with Bluetooth is by simply checking your remote. If your Samsung Smart TV came with a smart remote, that means it uses Bluetooth. The smart remote connects to your TV via Bluetooth; therefore, your TV supports Bluetooth for other devices as well.

Checking Your Settings

If you want to double-check and be positive that your Samsung TV can be used with Bluetooth, you can also check your settings.

You can even use this method if you do not have a smart remote; there is a possibility that your TV may have Bluetooth, but just not a smart remote.

Here is how to go through your settings to see if your TV uses Bluetooth:

  1. Go to the Settings menu.
  2. Scroll to “Sound” and select it.
  3. Select “Sound Output.”
  4. If you see a listed option named “Bluetooth Speaker List,” that means your Samsung TV can use Bluetooth.

Many Samsung Smart TVs have the Bluetooth feature; there are very few (mostly older versions) that do not. So, chances are, if you have a Samsung Smart TV, it can be used with Bluetooth.

What If My Samsung Smart TV Doesn’t Have Bluetooth?

If your Samsung smart TV doesn’t come with Bluetooth, don’t worry; you still have options. You can buy a Bluetooth extender, like the COMSOON Bluetooth Car Music AUX Transmitter and Receiver, which will allow you to pair wireless devices. To set up this product, you would first plug it into your TV’s aux port. From there, following the instructions we listed above, you should be able to pair devices to your Samsung smart TV.

Keep in mind that this will only work for certain Bluetooth devices. If you want to wirelessly use a video game controller or keyboard to control your TV, this solution may not work for you.

Connecting Devices to Samsung Smart TV via Bluetooth

Your Samsung smart TV will only connect to devices that come with Bluetooth signals. Just because you have a wireless pair of headphones, for example, does not mean that they will inherently come with this feature.

That being said, if you have a compatible device and are looking to connect it to your TV, you can do this by:

  1. Make sure that your Bluetooth device is in pairing mode.
  2. Turn on your TV and go to “Settings.”
  3. Select “Sound.”

If you see “Bluetooth Speaker List,” follow the instructions on the screen to connect your device. Ensure that your Bluetooth device is not already connected to another external source, as this will complicate the set-up process.

How Far Does Samsung’s Bluetooth Range Extend?

How far you can take place your Bluetooth device from the TV will depend on that product’s unique specs. In general, you can place your Bluetooth device up to 30 feet away from the TV and still maintain a solid connection.

What Devices Can You Pair to Your Samsung Smart TV?

Earlier, we mentioned that you could pair headphones, hearing aids, and remote controls to your new entertainment system. However, that list is by no means exhaustive. You can equip your TV with some of the following Bluetooth-compatible devices:


Stereo-style speakers are quickly becoming a thing of the past. Now, people are opting for soundbars, like the Samsung HW-T650 Bluetooth Soundbar. This device connects wirelessly to your Samsung smart TV and delivers high-quality sound. It even comes with a subwoofer so that you can hear low-frequency audio.

Google Assistant

Depending on which model you bought, the Samsung smart TV comes pre-equipped with Google Home. By using the voice-to-command function on your remote control, you can give your TV verbal instructions.

You can do this by downloading the SmartThings app and making configurations within your Google Home app. You can learn more about pairing your devices here.

Wireless Mouse and Keyboard

Your Samsung smart TV comes with a feature that allows you to browse the internet. Instead of making selections using the remote control’s D-pad, you can instead use a wireless USB mouse and keyboard.

Note: This will only work while you are using the browsing app on your TV. You will not be able to use the mouse or keyboard to change the channel or make other related selections.


Most Samsung’s smart TVs have Bluetooth. Yet, that is just one of their many features. They also work with smart home assistants, can browse the internet, and play music. Additionally, many of your favorite streaming apps, like Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon Video, come already installed on your device.

Instead of switching between your different inputs and relying on different devices, Samsung’s smart TVs strive to be your one-stop entertainment center.

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