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Do Robot Mops Damage Hardwood Floors? (Plus Our Top Pick!)

Last Updated Jul 19, 2022
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Nothing is worse than coming home after a long day of working and having to clean your floors in your free time. Traditional vacuums and mops take a lot of time and effort. Many people are beginning to buy robot mops to help them with cleaning. You might be hesitant to buy one though because you heard they might damage your floors. 

When used properly, the rubber wheels and soft brushes in robot mops will not damage hardwood floors. Some are made better than others though. Regular maintenance is also required to ensure nothing is stuck in the mop that could scratch the floor. 

You might be wondering which robot mop you should buy for your home. Don’t worry- we will explain our top pick in this article. We will also discuss tips on how to keep your robot mop clean so that it does not pose any risk to your floor. 

Preventing Robot Mops from Scratching Hardwood Floors 

Robot mops can be programmed to clean when you’re not home or on a schedule that’s convenient for you. Most people do not watch their robot mop clean since the main purpose is for it to clean on its own without needing your help. 

However, there are still a few things you will need to do around the home to make sure your mop can safely clean without ruining your floors. 

Pick Up Large Debris 

Robot mop wheels can catch on large items like rocks or pieces of plastic. If one of these large items becomes stuck it will drag it around the house and potentially scratch the floor depending on how sharp the item is. 

To avoid getting dents and scuffs, make sure to pick up any larger debris items before your mop is set to clean. 

Sweep Up Hair 

Try to pick up large amounts of hair on the floor as excessive hair can tangle around the wheels of the robot and cause them not to be able to rotate properly. They can then drag around the floor instead of spinning which could cause scratches. 

Clean the Mop

Make sure the wheels on your mop are clean and not scratched. If they are wrapped in hair or threads or something else that could cause them to not spin, you might want to cut the tangles off. 

Consider Taping the Pivot Wheel 

Some robot mops, like certain models of Roombas, have a pivot wheel that allows them to spin and change direction. While this is a handy feature, some users complain that it has scratched their floor since the pivot wheel is made of plastic and not rubber. 

An easy fix is to put tape over the pivot wheel so that when it spins it won’t scratch. You will need to use thick tape like electrical tape. 

Stick Around the First Few Times It Runs 

When you first get your robot mop, stay around the house and watch it working to make sure it’s not causing issues with the floor. Once you feel confident in its pattern and movements, you can allow it to run when you’re away. 

Choose a Good Brand 

There are many different robot mop choices out there and some are better than others. Many people like the Roomba because they are the most popular and work efficiently. They are good choices, but you need to make sure you tape the pivot wheel. 

Other good brands include Eufy, Roborock, and Shark. Few users complain about them scratching floors or causing other issues. 

As with any smart home device, make sure you are reading reviews before buying a product. 

Our Top Pick for a Robot Mop  

There are tons of choices for robot mops on Amazon, so trying to find one can be overwhelming. Here is our top pick:

Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra 

The Roborock S7 is a combined dustbin and mop. It’s extremely self-sufficient and does all the hard work for you. You will never have to scrub your floors on your own again. It also has a carpet sensor so it will not spray when going on top of the carpet to avoid getting it wet. 

Here’s the pros of this robot mop:

  • Self-washing mop that also refills 
  • Dustbin is self-emptying 
  • Also works as a security camera when needed 
  • AI-powered to avoid obstacles 

While this mop is expensive, it’s worth the high price. You can trust that it will mop your floors efficiently without scratching them. 

Final Thoughts 

Robot mops will not damage your hardwood floors as long as you buy one from a reputable brand and perform necessary maintenance on them to keep the wheels clean and undamaged. The Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra is one of the best choices for a robot mop if you’re worried about damaging your floors.

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