Do Ring Cameras Work with Arlo Cameras?

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If you have cameras for your home as part of an automated security system, you might use Ring or Arlo. These are two of the most common home cameras on the market. But if you own both brands, you might be wondering if they can work together somehow.

Ring Cameras and Arlo Cameras do not work directly with each other. However, you can connect Ring Cameras to Arlo Cameras using IFTTT technology. Using the IFTTT app, you can create connections to make the two cameras work together.

Below, we’ll cover how to connect Ring and Arlo cameras together using IFTTT. We’ll also go over some of the ways IFTTT makes viewing both cameras much easier.

Are Ring and Arlo Cameras Compatible?

Ring and Arlo cameras are not directly compatible with each other. You will need to use the Arlo app to control the Arlo cameras and the Ring apps to control the Ring cameras. If you want to control them together or integrate them, you will need to use IFTTT technology.

If you don’t want to use IFTTT technology or continue using the brand app with the camera, you will need to choose either Ring or Arlo. This way, you can connect Ring cameras to other Ring devices in the app—same for Arlo cameras and other Arlo devices.

If you already own cameras from both brands, keep reading to learn how to use IFTTT for seamless integration.

How to Integrate Ring and Arlo Cameras with IFTTT

IFTTT is short for “If This Then That.” It’s free and can be used with over a hundred different apps and devices, including Ring and Arlo. The IFTTT technology uses Applets (mini-apps) to connect different devices so they can use multiple actions.

You can use applets that other people have made by downloading them in the IFTTT app, or you can make your own applets.

To get started using IFTTT, download the app:

  1. Create a free account. You can use Apple, Google, or Facebook.
  2. Browse the IFTTT app for Ring or Arlo options. You can also search for them on the search page.
  3. Connect the services in the applet by following the directions and prompts it gives you when you choose an Applet. (Each applet will have slightly different directions to get started).

Once you have the IFTTT app or the website open on your web browser, you can begin to download some applets that other users have already made for Ring and Arlo. Some applets that are already available in IFTTT include:

  • Arlo camera will automatically turn off the Ring doorbell rings
  • If a motion is detected on Ring Spotlight Cam, the Arlo camera will start recording
  • Set Ring Alarm to automatically arm Ring and Arlo cameras
  • Automatically start recording on Arlo cameras when Ring cameras are recording
  • Turn on Ring lights when the Arlo cameras or Ring cameras turn on

As you can see, the two devices can be integrated in many ways. You can also use other Ring devices and sync them with Arlo cameras.

How Can I Make My Own Applet for Ring and Arlo?

If you don’t find an applet with the skills you need to integrate your cameras, you can always create your own. This is ideal if you have a specific idea for how you want your Ring cameras to work with Arlo. Most users, even beginners, find it pretty easy to create and use an applet.

Once you’re in your account, follow these steps:

  1. Tap New Applet in the upper right-hand corner.
  2. Tap + This that’s highlighted in blue.
  3. Select Ring as the trigger channel.
  4. Login into the Ring app.
  5. Give IFTTT permission to access the Ring app.
  6. Choose a trigger. This will be what you want the Ring to do. For example, “start recording” or “send notification.”
  7. Tap + That.
  8. Now choose Arlo as the action channel.
  9. Tap Connect.
  10. Log in to your Arlo account.
  11. Give IFTTT permission to use Arlo.
  12. Choose an action. This is what you want Arlo to do, such as “turn on the camera” or “stop recording.”
  13. Tap Create Action.

IFTTT will confirm the connection or give you suggestions for things that need to be fixed. If you want more complicated connections with multiple triggers or actions, try using this guide.

Final Thoughts

Even though the Ring and Arlo cameras can’t be connected within in their respective apps, owners of both cameras can use IFTTT to connect them and have them trigger certain actions for a fully integrated experience.

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