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Do Ring Cameras Work with Amazon Key?

Last Updated Oct 29, 2021
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Since more packages are being delivered to more homes, the incidences of having a package stolen are increasing all the time. Enter Amazon Key, Amazon’s solution to preventing stolen packages. While convenient for protecting your merchandise while away from home, it is worth knowing what existing smart devices you might own are compatible with Amazon Key. For example, would you be able to use Ring cameras with the service to check deliveries?  

Amazon Key is compatible with your Ring cameras, allowing you to easily integrate your smart doorbell or smart camera with Amazon’s secure delivery service. However, to use Key in the Ring app, users will need to have a Schlage Encode lock for in-home delivery support.

For those new to Amazon Key, it’ll be worth learning what exactly it is and what devices will be compatible with it. We’ll also look at some benefits of connecting your Ring camera to the Amazon Key app.

How Does Amazon Key Work with Ring Cameras?

A problem with buying things online is that often, packages are delivered when we are away from the house. These packages sit there until we get home, and though some of us have security cameras installed, package thefts are still fairly common. The Amazon Key allows Amazon Prime customers to purchase a kit that will allow authorized shippers to place the packages inside your house or your garage to keep your purchases safe (Source: Amazon).

The benefit of this is that Amazon allows you to sync your Ring camera with the Key app so that you can see deliveries take place in real-time. Here’s how it works:

  1. The customer buys and installs an In-Home Kit and downloads the Amazon Key app.
  2. The customer places an order on Amazon. In the shipping options, the customer will choose the “in-home” option.
  3. When the delivery driver arrives at the customer’s home with the package, Amazon uses an encrypted process to ensure that the driver is at the right address.
  4. Customers receive a notification that the item is arriving now, and they can choose to watch the delivery happen live.
  5. Once the delivery driver is verified, the camera begins recording, and the door is unlocked. No special codes or keys are given to the driver.
  6. The delivery driver will knock first; then, he will request to unlock the door via a handheld device.
  7. Amazon unlocks the door. Then, the driver will place the package inside the house and shut the door.
  8. Once the door is closed, the driver will request that the door be securely locked; the driver cannot proceed until the customer’s door is relocked.
  9. Finally, the customer receives a final notification of delivery and can watch the video of the delivery.

Do I Have to Link My Ring Camera with Amazon Key?

Connecting your Ring camera is not required to use the Amazon Key service; however, users often prefer to do so to keep track of their deliveries even when they’re away from home.

By linking your Ring camera to the Amazon Key app, you’ll be able to watch in-garage or in-home deliveries in real-time using your Ring Doorbell or Ring camera. You’ll also be able to record clips of the deliveries in case something unexpected happens. With the right smart lock, you’ll also be able to use your Ring camera to verify the identity of someone like a babysitter and give them access to your home.

To connect your camera to Key, all you’ll need to do is open the Ring app, tap Set Up Device > Locks > Connect via Key by Amazon.

Once you follow all the instructions, you’ll be ready to use Ring in tandem with Amazon Key to make sure your Amazon deliveries go according to plan. You’ll be notified through either the Ring or the Amazon Key app, and you’ll be able to watch the deliveries taking place in real-time.

Can I Use Other Camera Brands with Amazon Key?

Amazon Key is only compatible with Amazon-owned camera devices, such as Ring cameras or the Amazon Cloud Cam (Key Edition). Other popular smart security cameras like the Wyze cameras will not be able to integrate with Amazon Key.

Final Thoughts

Having a Ring camera is useful enough on its own, but if you frequently purchase things from Amazon, it may be a good idea to opt for Amazon Key and have their in-home delivery service. While only the Schlage Encode lock is compatible with Ring for in-home delivery support, any Ring camera that you happen to own is good enough to watch your in-home delivery take place.

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