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Do Macs Have Built-in Antivirus?

Last Updated May 18, 2022

When examining the best computer, security is the most important feature on a computer. However, sometimes people overlook things like antivirus software for their computer. With a Mac, users might wonder if Mac has a built-in antivirus already installed for them.

As a rule, Mac computers come with built-in antivirus software. However, the software is only pre-installed on Mac computers made after 2009. Mac computers before 2009 don’t have a built-in security system.

Knowing that every modern-day Mac computer has a built-in antivirus can help ease your mind about the security of your Mac. For more information on the built-in antivirus software, continue reading on.

Is Apple’s XProtect Built-in Antivirus Program Able to Protect My Mac?

Everyone has a story of how their built-in antivirus software has failed them in the past. With people having those concerns, it’s no different with Apple’s XProtect built-in antivirus software for Mac computers. So is your Mac truly safe from threats using the XProtect built-in antivirus program?

For the most part, XProtect does a good job at blocking potential threats to your Mac. However, XProtect relies on Apple to identify all threats to a Mac. That can be a problem if Apple doesn’t identify the latest malware and can happen seeing Apple isn’t a dedicated computer security company. 

Knowing your Mac could be exposed to the latest threats if Apple doesn’t identify the issue can alarm Mac users. If you are looking for better security options for your Mac, continue reading on.

Is Malwarebytes A Good Option to Replace XProtect?

Mac users looking for other options to XProtect might find limited options. It’s difficult to find a replacement product for Mac users. With Malwarebytes antivirus protection for Mac users, people might wonder if the antivirus software is a good replacement option over their current XProtect built-in software.

Malwarebytes is a suitable replacement for XProtect. Malwarebytes offers several pricing options depending on how many computers you want to protect, the level of protection, and if it’s for business or personal use. However, some of the best features are restricted to Windows users only.

Finding a suitable replacement like Malwarebytes to replace XProtect is a good first step to Mac security. However, with the best features unavailable for Mac users, a different option might be needed. Keep reading to find out another antivirus program to use on your Mac.

Is Intego the Best Antivirus Program to Replace XProtect?

When looking for a full service, all-in-one antivirus program for Mac, there are few options for users. However, an antivirus program like Intego gives Mac users something that they might want in protecting their Mac. So is Intego the best replacement for the pre-installed XProtect on a Mac computer?

As a whole, Intego offers the best protection on a Mac computer. It also offers exclusive options for Mac users over PC users. However, the package with everything is pricey compared to other antivirus programs available for Mac users.

With Intego offering the most for Mac users, one might feel that’s the best choice for them when purchasing new antivirus software. However, some users might not want to pay too much for all the features. For a comparison of the Mac antivirus programs, continue reading on for those comparisons.

Intego or Malwarebytes: A Comparison for Mac Users

While some Mac users need every security feature available for their Mac, other users might only require basic protection. No matter which side you desire with an antivirus program, a comparison helps narrow down the best for you. So how do Intego and Malwarebytes stack up?

Here is a comparison between Intego and Malwarebytes:

Price$69.99 1 Yr$39.99 1 Yr
VPNNoYes, costs extra
Disk ScanYesNo
Real Time ProtectionYesYes
Free VersionNoYes

While we see Intego is $30 more a year, they have some additional features that people need for their Mac. However, some people might wonder why they even need antivirus protection on their Mac. Read on for answers why you would need that protection.

Why Is An Antivirus Protection Program Needed on My Mac?

Some people might not think they need antivirus protection on their Mac if they aren’t going to risky websites. Some also might think a free antivirus program might be enough to protect their Mac computer. 

However, antivirus software is important for your Mac computer because it can prevent the following:

  • Email phishing scams
  • Protect your computer and information if a “safe” website you use gets hacked
  • Keystroke programs that steal passwords
  • Antivirus programs with real-time detection can prevent from your Mac from being taken over by hackers

Now you know everything about Mac’s built-in antivirus and some alternative options when you feel as though its base antivirus isn’t protective enough.


While there are different options for protecting your Mac, there are also costs involved in doing that. The best protection always comes at a price for people. We recommend using Malwarebytes as an alternative antivirus software for your Mac.

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