Do Levoit Smart Humidifiers Work with Google Home?

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My Levoit Smart Humidifier is one of my favorite purchases, but I initially had no idea it could connect to my Google Home. The ability to connect to Google Home has made using my Levoit Smart Humidifier all the more convenient.

You can connect your Levoit Smart Humidifier to Google Home by pairing the two devices through the Free VeSync app. Then, you can control your Levoit Smart Humidifier through Google Home voice commands.

How to Connect a Levoit Humidifier to Google Home

The Levoit Smart Humidifier makes daily tasks more comfortable. But before purchasing one, some wonder, do Levoit Smart Humidifiers work with Google Home?

To connect your Levoit Smart Humidifier to your Google Home, you’ll first need to download the Google Assistant app and connect it to your Google Home.

Download the VeSync app on the App Store or Google Play Store, then follow the steps below.

  • Enable Bluetooth on your phone.
  • Open the Google Assistant app.
  • Go to the “Devices” page and select “Add Device.”
  • Select “Link a smart home device.”
  • Search for and select “VeSync.”
  • Log into your VeSync account to sync to Google Assistant.
  • Assign the Levoit Smart Humidifier to your preferred room in the house.

When the Google Assistant app detects your humidifier, you will be able to use voice commands to alter the humidity levels of your humidifier, adjust the mist output, and more.

Levoit Humidifier Controls with Google Home

Google Assistant supports several voice commands when your Levoit Smart Humidifier is connected to your Google Home

Rather than adjusting your settings manually, you can use your Google Home to complete commands for your Levoit Smart Humidifier with smart controls like:

  • Change the humidity level
  • Turn the humidifier on and off
  • Alter the mist setting to warm or cool mist
  • Set the humidifier to Auto Mode or Sleep Mode
  • Change the noise level through the level of airflow

Using voice commands for making humidity adjustments, increasing mist levels, and setting Auto Mode allows your Levoit Humidifier to function better than ever.

What You Can’t Control with Google Home

While the Levoit Smart Humidifier and Google Home are both smart devices, the voice commands only cover certain functions.

You might have to resort to the VeSync app or manual controls when making other specific changes to your Levoit Smart Humidifier. 

Controls Exclusive to the VeSync App

The VeSync app can provide notifications related to the humidity levels and Auto Mode capabilities of your Levoit Smart Humidifier. 

Additionally, some features are exclusive to the app.

You must use the VeSync app to:

  • Monitor your home’s humidity levels
  • Receive notifications about different functions
  • Get alerts and data regarding things like water tank capacity
  • Browse sales and posts from VeSync to continue building a healthy smart home

As you can see, the VeSync app offers a broader range of information regarding VeSync-affiliated products and valuable tips.

Your Google Home will be your first choice for voice commands related to your humidifier’s primary functions.

Manual Controls for Levoit Smart Humidifier

As you might expect, manual controls for Levoit Smart Humidifiers cannot be dealt with from your Google Home. These include:

  • Replacing Levoit aroma pads
  • Adding essential oils to the aroma
  • Filling the Levoit Smart Humidifier with water
  • Determining an effective range by physically moving your humidifier

Actions such as applying aroma pads and essential oils for aromatherapy add a refreshing touch to your humidifier, while other factors are key for the proper function of your humidifier.

Anything that requires you to change the physical aspects of your Levoit Smart Humidifier is not manageable from your Google Home or the VeSync app.

Levoit Smart Humidifier Isn’t Connecting to Google Home

Troubleshooting your Levoit Smart Humidifier when it will not connect to Google Home is usually a quick fix.

If your Leviot Smart Humidifier won’t connect to Google Home, check the Google Assistant app to be sure both the VeSync app and your Google Home are connected. 

Your Levoit Smart Humidifier may lose connection if your WiFi network is unstable. Make sure your devices are close enough to your router to make the connection.

Additionally, your humidifier may disconnect from Google Home if your VeSync or Google Assistant app requires updates.

Keeping your applications up to date through the App Store or Google Play Store will ensure they function properly.

If Sleep Mode is not working on your Levoit Humidifier, a lack of water might shut your humidifier off in the middle of the night. 

When you engage Sleep Mode, be sure to add sufficient water.

Do All Levoit Smart Humidifiers Work with Alexa?

Levoit Smart Humidifiers can also connect to Alexa, so how do you know if your humidifier is compatible with Google Home?

If your Levoit Smart Humidifier has “Smart Humidifier” in the name and an ‘S’ in the model description, it should be compatible with both Google Home and Alexa.

Connecting your Levoit Humidifier to smart devices allows you to keep your home as advanced and healthy as possible.

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