Do Levoit Humidifiers Have a Warranty? How to Claim One

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Levoit humidifiers have a 2-year limited warranty effective from the date of purchase from authorized retailers only. To claim a warranty, contact Levoit customer support with the invoice and the order ID or proof-of-purchase.

How to Claim a Warranty for a Levoit Humidifier

Levoit humidifiers are quality appliances with stellar reviews.

They come with a limited 2-year warranty that covers manufacturer damages and defects, as well as any obtained from one of their authorized service technicians.

To make a claim utilizing the Levoit humidifier warranty, contact customer service at [email protected].

Be sure to have the following handy for when the customer service team requests it:

  • The original invoice/receipt
  • The order ID (which will likely be on the original invoice)
  • The humidifier itself

The customer service representative will let you know if the original packaging needs to be included, so be sure to have that around just in case.

In the end, they will request the humidifier, a copy of the invoice, and the order ID to be returned within 15 days.

They will also issue a prepaid return shipping label and return material authorization number.

Are Warranties Different Depending on Where You Purchase a Levoit Humidifier?

The base 2-year manufacturer warranty will always be the same regardless of where the Levoit humidifier is purchased, as long as it was obtained from an authorized retailer. However, some of these retailers have an additional warranty of their own, so be sure to check those locations as well for any notes.

Most policies start from the date of purchase, however some additional warranties do not start until the manufacturer’s runs out. No matter what though, the base limited 2-year manufacturer warranty will be the same.

The only exception to this is in areas where there are jurisdictions which do not allow for exclusion of implied warranties, duration limitations, and/or exclusion or limitation of damages.

If this is the case, the Levoit’s warranty page notes that the warranty will be altered to be in accordance with these laws.

Who is an Authorized Levoit Humidifier Retailer?

Since the limited warranty for a Levoit humidifier only applies to products purchased from authorized retailers, it’s important to know which companies have been authorized to sell them. These retailers usually have some sort of notation that makes it clear that they are legitimate or are just different outlets from Levoit themselves.

These are the authorized retailers for a Levoit humidifier:

  • Amazon
  • Bed Bath & Beyond
  • Best Buy
  • Home Depot
  • Levoit
  • Target
  • Walmart

Just keep a look out as to who is actually doing the selling on sites like Amazon where there can be anyone posting a listing. If something seems suspicious in one of these listings, that Levoit’s customer service would like to hear from you.

What is Included in a Levoit Humidifier Warranty

As for what is actually covered within a Levoit humidifier warranty, there isn’t all that much. It’s mostly a policy in place to ensure that people get what they paid for.

Here are some of the key takeaways for what is covered under the warranty:

  • Manufacturer defects and damages
  • Damages caused by authorized service technicians that does not exceed the total cost of the humidifier

Levoit will refund the purchase price, have it repaired by an authorized technician, or replace the product should it be deemed within the terms. The good news is that if it is, it is at no cost to you. Levoit will even cover shipping unless all of these fees exceed the total cost.

It is important to note that this warranty is only applicable to the purchaser. Only they can set up a claim, and it has to be within two years of the original date of purchase.

What is Not Included in a Levoit Humidifier Warranty

For the most part, the warranty listed on the Levoit warranty page only covers damages if they were 100% the fault of the manufacturing process or by one of their authorized service technicians.

This can be rather unfortunate, as most things that would warrant a new humidifier are not covered by this limited policy.

Here’s a summary of what is not covered:

  • Normal wear and tear
  • Altered or illegible proof-of-purchase
  • Altered, removed, or illegible serial number/date code
  • Modifications made to the original product
  • The product has not been used in accordance with the user manual
  • Damages or defects not initially there, done by an unauthorized technician, or exceeds the cost of the humidifier

The warranty page itself goes into exact damages they do not cover, ranging from intentional or accidental damages, including those by inappropriately maintaining the Levoit humdifier.

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