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Do I Need to Register My Toshiba TV?

Last Updated Mar 15, 2022

When getting a new device, you might want to check if there are extra processes you have to go through, to make your user experience worthwhile. For some devices, you might not need to register them, for others, you have to. With this, you might be wondering if you need to Register your new Toshiba TV after purchase.

You need to register your new Toshiba TV, as this can serve as a record if your Toshiba TV gets stolen or lost. Registering your Toshiba TV also benefits you in different ways as you would be able to receive warranty, and information updates from your manufacturer since they have proof you own a Toshiba TV. 

Toshiba gives the opportunity to choose between different processes of registration, depending on what the user deems conducive enough. You can either post the registration form to them, or fill it online. Registering your Toshiba TV is as easy as registering any other product they make, and you will learn all about that and more in this article.

How Do I Register My Toshiba TV?

Now you know the benefits of registering your Toshiba TV, and you know the process of registration is not that difficult. But you might be wondering how you can register your Toshiba Television going through the normal process. Toshiba offers a form that comes in the TV box as you purchase your product. 

If you want to register your new Toshiba TV, all you need is to fill out the registration form that comes with the TV box, and send it back to Toshiba. Filling the Toshiba TV registration form involves filling the TV’s series, model, and serial number. You will also have to put in your contact details too. 

This will also give the manufacturers your contact information in case they need to contact you for certain reasons. When filling out this form, it is important to cross-check the digits of your serial number if it tallies with the one on your TV box because it is easy to make a mistake when filling the form.

If you are confused about your TV’s serial numbers, they can be found at the back of your Toshiba TV. If you have problems finding your model number, you can check the cover page of your Toshiba TV’s User’s Manual, the model number is clearly written.

How Do I Register My Toshiba TV Online?

Registering a product can be tough sometimes, especially when you’re busy with your job, business, or some other home affairs. Fortunately, Toshiba TV manufacturers have made it a lot easier for their customers to register their product without having to go through the stress of sending the registration form to them through UPS. 

If you want to register your Toshiba TV online, you will have to go to their registration website, and fill in all the necessary information that is required when registering your Toshiba TV. You would also need to provide a picture of your receipt to prove indeed you own the TV you are registering. 

Registering your Toshiba TV online is a lot more comfortable than having to fill out the registration form that comes with your TV, as well as sending it over to Toshiba through mail. You can do this at your convenience anywhere in the United States using just your mobile phone or laptop.

Do Toshiba TVs Come With a Warranty?

You just got a new Toshiba TV, and you really don’t want to take any chances with it. You want to experience the full benefits that come with owning a new Toshiba product, including the warranty benefits. 

Toshiba televisions come with a one-year warranty validity period. This is probably why you need to get your TV from the manufacturers or other reliable vendors, as getting it from elsewhere might make you lose time on the validity period. It can even come with wear and tear that makes your warranty void. 

Your warranty benefits are limited so if the damage was caused by you, then the manufacturers can’t give you any benefits at all. Warranty benefits also do not include damages caused by natural events like storms, fire, or lightning. If you were watching your Toshiba TV and suddenly, the audio stops without any reason, your warranty will help you get your Toshiba TV fixed.


Most people might feel registering a TV doesn’t matter, and it might just be a waste of time and energy. But these people have no idea of the information and updates they miss out on because they refused to register their TV. It is better to let your manufacturers know that you own one of their products. As registering your Toshiba TV comes with lots of benefits you might enjoy from the company later.