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Do I Need to Register My Sharp TV?

Last Updated Mar 1, 2022
consumer registering device online

Sharp TVs may not be king of the mountain in terms of premium, high definition TVs anymore, but they still have a great line of TVs, especially with Roku integration on the forefront. When you purchase a Sharp TV, you want to make sure that you take advantage of all that comes with it, including registration. But do you have to register your device?

While you don’t need to register your Sharp TV, it’s a good idea to do it so that you can take advantage of the warranty, quickly access information about your Sharp TV, and gain access to necessary software updates.

Many companies try to tempt you into registering your product, and it’s primarily done for marketing purposes, as they will want to build up their databases on products that are sold and/or returned. But there are ways registering could benefit you as the consumer too. Read on to learn more.

Why Should You Register a Sharp TV?

Probably the biggest reason for registering your Sharp TV would be the possibility of recalls. You are not likely to have a TV that will be a safety concern, but there are various reasons for a company to recall a product.

The last thing that you want to happen is a sudden problem with your Sharp TV, and you don’t even realize there’s a recall on it for that very problem. Registering your Sharp TV allows Sharp to contact you in the event of a recall.

Additionally, Sharp has taken the novel approach of hiding your software updates behind a registration process, so it’s often recommended that you register your TV after purchase.

Sometimes, Smart TVs will go through their entire life cycle until they are eventually replaced without needing to update. But more often than not, it will start to have irritating issues if you don’t update it. That’s how Sharp has approached the problem of getting people to register their devices. You simply won’t be able to update it without entering crucial information.

How to Register Your Sharp TV

To register your Sharp TV, it will require you to provide them with some of your personal information, including:

  • Where you purchased the Sharp TV from
  • Your name and address
  • Your email information
  • Your phone number
  • Your model number and serial number

Fortunately, registering your Sharp TV is not a difficult process, and since Sharp wants you to register it so badly, it makes sense that they made the process simple:

  1. To register, go to this link at
  2. Fill out the information, including the product and the serial number.
  3. Take a picture or scan your receipt.
  4. Upload it to the box on the same page.
  5. Check or uncheck the box for “Future News from Sharp USA.
  6. Select Register.

That’s all you need to do to get your Sharp TV registered if, of course, you don’t mind sharing the additional information. Refrain from using your professional email when you register, as Sharp will send unsolicited emails to it at a steady rate.

How to Find a Sharp TV’s Serial Number

Most of the time, it’s fairly easy to find a Sharp TV’s serial number because it is located on the back of the set, on a black sticker, or stamped directly into the hardware, along with the model number and other information. But in case yours is not legible for some reason, or you have already mounted the smart TV and want an easier way to look at it, the numbers are also found on the user’s manual.

You will also find the number on the warranty information booklet, which will either contain the number as a sticker on the paper. Lastly, you can find the information in the settings menu, under something like “System information” or “About.”

Every Sharp TV is different from model to model, so each one will have a slightly different version on how to access the system information. Always look for the three terms, “System, General, or About.”

All Things Considered

Despite all of the pontificating companies engage in over your warranty rights, know that Sharp can’t void your warranty if you refuse to register your Sharp TV. That’s true no matter how much they tell you otherwise, so long as you hold on to your proof of purchase.

So, it’s up to you to decide whether or not you decide to register your Sharp TV. There are some benefits to doing so, but it’s not a mandatory exercise. You can always track Sharp TV recalls on your own, after all.