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Do I Need To Register My Insignia TV?

Last Updated Mar 21, 2022
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Bringing home a new Insignia TV is a real treat. It provides a new source of entertainment but can serve as a major upgrade from your previous TV. The Insignia TV is a Best Buy brand that comes with a great warranty. Do I need to register for my Insignia TV?

You do not have to register your Insignia TV to be eligible for the basic warranty that their TVs come with. However, you need to hold onto the original packaging and the original purchase receipt to use the warranty service.

Now that you know you do not have to register your Insignia TV, read on to learn about how long the warranty lasts, what the warranty covers, and where it is valid.

Length of Warranty

Even though Insignia goes through rigorous testing to ensure that their TVs are great for your home, they still give a warranty. Insignia offers a competitive warranty that’s similar to many popular TV brands such as Samsung, Sony, LG, and TCL.

Insignia offers a one-year or 365-day warranty. The date the warranty begins is the date of purchase found on your receipt. It won’t be extended if you choose to register your Insignia TV at a later date than purchase.

What A Warranty Claim Covers

There is a lot of fine print when it comes to warranty information. We have it broken down, so you don’t have to go find it in your user manual. In general, all Insignia TVs will cover the following under warranty:

  • Defective products as determined by a registered Insignia repair technician
  • Defective parts as determined by a registered Insignia repair technician 

What a Warranty Claim Won’t Cover

There is a laundry list of circumstances that the warranty will not cover as with any warranty. This list is a lot longer than what the warranty will cover, so it is important to understand the difference from the beginning. The Insignia warranty will not cover:

  • Cosmetic damage
  • Customer instruction on how to use the TV
  • Installation of the TV and associated costs
  • Damage due to acts of God (storm, tornado, power surge, etc.)
  • Accidents
  • Abuse or neglect of the product
  • Any issue that comes from the commercial use of the product
  • Damage or defect as a result of a modification to the product
  • Damage due to static shock on a plasma TV screen
  • Damage from plugging it into the wrong type of outlet
  • Damage from attempted repair by a person not authorized to conduct such repair
  • Products sold as is
  • Damage from consumables like batteries
  • Products that have an altered serial number or a serial number that was removed
  • Loss or theft of a product
  • Certain types of grouped pixel failures
  • Water damage or other liquid damage

Where the Warranty is Valid

If you are overseas and get your hands on an Insignia TV, you might not be so excited to know that the warranty for the product will not apply to you. The Insignia TV warranty is only valid for residents of the United States and Canada that have purchased an Insignia TV through Best Buy or Future Shops.

The warranty is also valid for the United States and Canadian customers who have purchased an Insignia TV online at an authorized website or distributor.

Purchase an Extended Warranty

If a one-year warranty isn’t something that interests you, you can always opt for an extended warranty. Best Buy offers an extended warranty plan through GeekSquad. This plan covers almost everything the one-year warranty doesn’t at a relatively affordable price. It is a great option for accident-prone or unlucky people with the TVs they buy.

What GeekSquad Protection Covers

GeekSquad protection goes above and beyond the manufactures warranty. They are there to help you repair or replace your damaged TV in a wide array of circumstances. Here is a list of some of the things GeekSquad will cover:

  • They make house calls for those who have an issue with a TV that is 42” or less in size. This cuts back on the inconvenience of store appointments and lugging a TV around.
  • Parts and labor are included in the package, and you won’t have to pay for any of the costs to fix the TV. 
  • Pixel issues, no matter the grouping, are covered and corrected.
  • Power surge damage is covered.
  • If your remote breaks, don’t pay for a new one; they will replace it for you.
  • If normal wear and tear cause an issue, they will fix it.
  • You can call their customer service line at any time to discuss an issue.
  • You can transfer the protection to another individual who acquires the TV after you.

Basic Warranty Vs. Extended Warranty

Although you do not need to register your Insignia TV for a basic warranty, or an extended warranty, their benefits still differ. If you are confident your TV will work straight out of the box and not suffer any future defects, forgo the extended warranty. If you are accident-prone or unlucky, consider buying the extended warranty. In the end, it is up to you and your preference.

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