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Do I have to Pay for Nest Cam Service?

Last Updated Nov 29, 2021
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We’re guessing that you’ve just purchased a new Nest Cam and you love the features included, but you just got a notification from Google saying that your trial period will expire soon if you don’t sign up for a subscription. Now you aren’t sure if the Nest Cam features you really like are going to work once this trial period ends!  So, let’s get started by answering the question of whether or not you have to pay for Nest Cam service.

You do not have to pay for Nest Cam service to use the basic features of your Nest Cam with Google Home or Google Nest. It is important to note that when your 30 day trial period for Nest Aware ends you will lose access to all of the premium level features included with your trial unless you purchase a Nest Aware subscription plan. 

Ok, which features do we lose if we don’t sign up for a subscription, and what do we need to know about Nest Aware plans before we decide to sign up? It’s time to get to the bottom of all this. Keep reading for more information on which features are lost when the 30 day trial period ends, and key details about Nest Aware subscriptions to help you make the right choice for you!

Premium Features Lost When Your Trial Period Ends 

If you don’t select a subscription plan before the end of your 30 Day Trial period, you lose access to premium features included in the trial. We’ve provided a list of these features below: 

  • Recorded Video History
  • Familiar Faces
  • Sound Detection
  • Sound Detection History
  • Intelligent Alerts
  • Activity Zones

The Nest Cam Battery/Nest Cam Video Doorbell Battery: These devices include 3 hours of Video History with the purchase of your Nest Cam, which will not be affected once your trial period ends. You will also retain access to any previously saved Video Clips and Time-Stamps. 

Nest Aware Subscriptions

Nest Aware subscriptions are split into two separate versions, 1st Gen and 2nd Gen. Additionally, they offer two subscription plan options, Nest Aware Basic and Nest Aware Plus. In this section, we’ve compared subscriptions by version first, then by plan level to streamline the process.

Nest Aware 1st Gen and 2nd Gen

There are two versions of Nest Aware, 1st Gen and 2nd Gen. Nest Aware 2nd Gen is required to use Nest Aware Plus. We’ve outlined the differences between these versions below: 

Nest Aware 1st GenNest Aware 2nd Gen/Plus
AvailabilityYour Home needs to be located in a country that supports Nest AwareYour Home needs to be located in a country that supports Nest Aware
Subscription StructureSeparate subscription per cameraAll Home cameras included in one subscription
In-App ManagementCan use both Nest and Home AppsCan use both Nest and Home Apps
Billing AccountIf you began using the Nest App before 8/19/19, your billing is managed with a Nest Account. Users of the Nest App after that date already use a Google Account.Requires a Google Account
Billing CycleMonthly/AnnuallyMonthly/Annually
Adding/Renewing Additional Subscriptions1st Gen Subscriptions can only be added by users that don’t use a Google Account to sign into the Nest App.
Existing 1st Gen Apps can still be renewed if you use a Google Account to sign into the Nest App. 
Only one subscription can be added per Home. Adding subscriptions will require adding another Home to your Google Account.

Please Note: Nest Aware subscription policies offered by Google partners may differ from the Google policies outlined here. Please contact the partner you purchased the subscription from for specific details regarding your subscription.

Subscription Plan Levels and Features

Nest Aware has two plan levels, Nest Aware Basic and Nest Aware Plus. We’ve provided a comparison of each plan for you below to use as an easy reference: 

Plan DetailsNest Aware BasicNest Aware Plus
Monthly/Yearly Subscription Price$6/mo. Or $60/annually$12/mo. Or $120/annually
Event Video History30 Days60 Days
24/7 HistoryNot IncludedUp to 10 Days
Intelligent AlertsFamiliar FacesSmoke/Carbon Monoxide AlarmGlass Breaking Alerte911IncludedIncluded
Supported DevicesNest CamDoorbellSpeakersDisplaysIncludedIncluded


In this article, we answered the initial question of whether you have to pay for Nest cam service to use your camera, as well as which features are lost when your 30-day trial is over. 
We also went over each version of Nest Aware 1st and 2nd Gen and pointed out their key differences, as well as compared the benefits of Nest Aware Basic and Nest Plus to help you decide which subscription plan is right for you!

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