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Do Eufy Floodlight Cameras Work with/without Homebase?

Last Updated Jul 11, 2022
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Home security is a must. Luckily, providing your home with the security measures it requires has never been easier! You want to purchase a Eufy Floodlight camera to illuminate your backyard and be aware of any unusual activity. But, before buying one of these security cameras, you want to know if you will also need a Homebase.

Eufy Floodlight cameras do not connect to either Homebase or Homebase 2. They are standalone devices that run on internal storage. These cameras will need a Wi-Fi connection to work, and if the internal storage does not meet your requirements, Eufy offers some other solutions.

Being able to record high-definition videos when an intruder sneaks onto your property is crucial so you can recognize who was out there and take the necessary precautions. Having a way of storing this data will allow you to keep the evidence. Keep reading to learn how this is done in these standalone cameras.

Do Eufy Floodlight Cameras Connect to Eufy Homebase?

Just like wired Eufy cameras, Eufy Floodlight cameras are a standalone solution that does not connect to a Eufy Homebase. Controlling the settings, seeing live footage, and using the microphone can all be done through the app. 

Eufy’s wireless Floodlight cameras need to connect to the power grid to function and power the 2000-3000 lumen LED lights. They also connect to your smart device through Wi-Fi. With all this in mind, you may wonder: where exactly is the video stored? Generally, recordings will be saved in three different ways:

  • Stored in the camera’s built-in memory
  • Downloaded onto your smartphone or tablet
  • Stored in the cloud

Even though Eufy Floodlight cameras do not connect to the Eufy Homebase, all you need to manage and store any recordings you might need in the future. Let’s explore the different options.

The Camera’s Built-in Memory 

Depending on the Eufy Floodlight model you choose, your security camera will have 4-8GB of non-upgradable internal memory. This might not seem like much, but even the 4GB storage capacity of the Eufy Floodlight Cam 2K has enough space to record up to 45 30-second videos a day for 20 days. The 8GB Eufy Floodlight Cam 2 Pro can internally store up to 45 30-seconds videos daily for 30 days. 

Considering the storage capacities from this perspective, you see that this is more than enough memory to store any videos you may need in the future, as long as you delete everything unnecessary to leave enough memory for future videos. 

You can access and manage your recorded clips from the EufySecurity app. If you need to extract any footage from the camera, you can easily download clips to your smart device.

Download the Videos Using EufySecurity App

Eufy Floodlight cameras can be quickly connected to your iPhone, iPad, or other smart device through the EufySecurity App. Search for and download the app on your smart device, log in or create an account, then register your camera following the on-screen instructions.

Once your camera is connected to the app, all you need to do is click “Events” on the homepage to access the camera’s recordings. Here, you can view, delete, or download all the recordings stored on the Floodlight’s built-in memory.

You can also see the camera’s live view by clicking on the camera on the homepage. From here, you can record a video or take a snapshot of the current view. In both cases, the video or snapshot will be saved to your smart device. 

Cloud Storage

Some people may feel that the capabilities described above are insufficient for their needs. Others might need more storage to save everything that happened when the camera’s motion sensor was triggered without downloading it manually. Luckily, Eufy has a solution for this.

Within the camera settings on the EufySecurity app, you will see a “Cloud Storage” option under “Storage.” This is an extra feature that is not included with your Eufy Floodlight purchase. You must add a monthly subscription from the EufySecurity web page to use cloud storage. Then, you will have virtually unlimited storage you can access even when the camera is not connected.


None of the Floodlight security cameras offered by Eufy are compatible with the Eufy Homebase. You will need to control your camera through the EufySecuity app using a Wi-Fi connection. 

In terms of storage, the internal memory should give you around a month of videos before old recordings will need to be deleted. You can access the recordings through your phone, delete those you do not need, and download the ones you would like to keep. 

You could also choose a monthly subscription to Eufy cloud storage if this option doesn’t satisfy your needs. Cloud storage lets you store all the recordings you want and access them anytime using the internet connection on your smartphone or tablet.