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Do Eufy Cameras Require a Lithium Battery?

Last Updated Feb 3, 2022

One of the most remarkable features of Eufy cameras is the longevity of the batteries. Eufy batteries can last up to a year and a whopping three years in standby mode, meaning maintenance and replacement are a rarity. Given the lifespan of the batteries, you may be eager to know what kind they are.

Eufy cameras require four 13,000 milliamp lithium-ion batteries, which they come with securely built-in in the device. These lithium batteries are proven to last an entire year if used moderately. In addition, the batteries come with a one-year warranty which covers the device also.

While you do not need to regularly maintain or change your Eufy camera batteries because of their strength, you must take preservative steps to keep the battery even longer. This article will show you the best way to care for your device and usage methods if your battery must stand and surpass the test of time.

What to Do to Make Your Eufy Camera Battery Last Long

Even though Eufy advertises its cameras to last at least 365 days in between charges before needing replacement, misuse of the camera and other unavoidable factors could run the battery down faster than expected.

However, there are specific steps you need to take to ensure that your camera batteries stay fully charged and last long. If you would like to learn more about charging your Eufy camera, check out this article.

Placement of Your Camera

Charging your Eufy camera does not take more than 3 hours, and you may not need to charge it again for a very long time, so whether you place it high up the ceiling or in other difficult-to-access locations, it does not matter because it does not require frequent charging.

However, poor connection and weak signals can decrease the lifespan of your batteries. Therefore, ensure that your camera is not too far from the router to avoid connectivity problems and poor signals.


Eufy’s statement that the batteries on the Eufycam can last up to a year is based on the assumption that the user will be moderate. If your Eufy camera is positioned in a high traffic area, having to detect enormous amounts of motion daily will reduce the camera’s life span.

If your camera is placed in such a location, you must have this in mind. If additional settings on your camera make it do more than just motion detection, it’s expected that the decline in battery life will be even faster.

In many cases, it is advisable to use the Eufyapp more than the HomeKit to ensure healthy and longer-lasting battery life.

Solar Power

The Eufy solar panel is an added advantage if you want to enjoy long-term EufyCam battery life. The 2.6W solar panel comes with the necessary adapters and cables and does not always require direct sunlight to power up your Eufy camera.

It not only saves you the hassles of having to climb up and down a ladder whenever you need to charge your device, but it also provides constant charge for your camera directly from sunlight.

It is easy to set up, just like the Eufy cam. You can either set it up adjacent to the camera or about thirteen feet away. Either way, so long as it receives an adequate amount of sunlight, it can extend the battery life of your EufyCam.

How Do I Know My Eufy Camera is Fully Charged?

Technically, your Eufy battery only needs to charge once a year to be fully charged, but knowing when it’s charged or running low could be a bit complicated, especially if you have more than one security camera.

Keeping track of all the Eufy cameras in and around your house and knowing when each is fully charged or running low can be made easy by scheduling what times you charge each of them. That way, you will know when either of them needs another charge.

You can decide to charge all of them at the same time, so you’ll know that they’ll all need a recharge at about the same time. Alternatively, you can pay a little extra to get the Solar panels to do all the charging for you.

Replacing Your Eufy Lithium Batteries

You do not need to replace your batteries because they can last well over 100 years before needing a replacement. If your battery or circuit does not have a fault, there’s no need to try to change the batteries.  

This is an unnecessary move and will mostly fail because the batteries were not built to be easily removable. Furthermore, attempting to do this may ruin the camera and waterproofing.

In the case of actually needing to change the batteries, bear in mind that opening the back will damage the waterproof capabilities of the camera. When losing the back, you need to be very careful and ensure you’re using the right toolkit to do this.

Remember that other electronic components are inside the device, so employ the utmost care and skill. If you can successfully access the batteries, replace them and couple the camera back in order.

Eufy cameras come with a one-year warranty, so if yours is still within that period, you’re better off taking it to Eufy for a free diagnosis and replacement of the battery. On the other hand, if you’ve exceeded the warranty period, contact Eufy support to assist with the issue.


Lithium batteries power Eufy cameras, and they last as long as one year before needing another charge. Now that you have all the information about how best to use your camera to ensure it lasts long, rest assured that your Lithium battery-powered cameras are safe.

The EufyCams come with a year warranty and are hassle-free to maintain if needed. In addition, using solar panels can save you the stress of keeping track of charging times for your Eufy cameras. 

If you run into any troubles with your batteries that require opening up the device, refer to the Eufy customer support before attempting to DIY. Doing so can cause your battery or camera to be damaged if not correctly done. 

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