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Do Eufy Cameras Come Charged?

Last Updated Feb 10, 2022

Eufy cameras are great, not only because they are cheap but also because they can work for up to 365 days on a full charge (or three years on standby mode). This means that if you fully charge your Eufy cameras, you can use them for a whole year without needing to charge them again. However, many buyers may wonder, “Do Eufy cameras come fully charged at purchase?”

Eufy cameras do not come 100% charged upon purchase. According to their website, they ship their cameras out of the factory when the battery is about 60% to 80% charged. You can complete the charging using a Eufy Homebase or 5V/9V USB charger.

Eufy cameras have long-lasting batteries, and they take just a few hours to charge completely. Keep reading to learn how to charge, how long it takes to charge a Eufy camera battery and what to do if your batteries are not charging.

How Long Does it Take to Charge a Eufy Camera Battery? 

Eufy cameras boast of a whole year of use with just one charge. When the camera is on standby mode, it can last for three years. Standby mode or sleep mode means that the detection function of the system is disabled, all devices are deactivated, and no alert can be sent to the owner.

When you have to charge them, it takes only 4 to 8 hours to charge completely, with 6 hours being the average time for the battery to go from 0 to 100%.

Eufy batteries are built into the camera, meaning you can’t remove them and replace them. Thankfully, they are made up of the same cells that power a Tesla, which are very durable. Also, you won’t have to remove them to charge them.

They also have over 1,000 charging cycles, so in theory, you could use them for over a thousand years and only need to charge them once a year. If you would like to learn more about Eufy camera batteries, click here.

How to Charge Your Eufy Camera Battery

You have to notice that your battery is low before charging it. To do this, you need the EufySecurity app. With this app, you can monitor all the cameras in your house. When a camera battery is low, it will notify you. 

If the camera battery gets too low, it will switch off. As a result, you will see a message on the EufySecurity App saying, “The camera has been turned off due to low battery.” When you see this, you need to charge immediately.

You can charge using the Homebase or any trusted 5V – 9V DC USB charger. The Homebase also has a USB socket to connect the cable you want to use to charge the camera. If you prefer, you can use a trusted USB charger.

You have to bring the camera down from the mount and remove the plastic covering over the charging port. This covering protects the camera from water and other elements when it is outside, so be sure to replace it when you are done.

After connecting the camera to either the Homebase or the USB charger, leave the camera to charge for about 4 to 8 hours. You can monitor the progress of the battery using your EufySecurity App.

The LED can show a solid red light or a solid blue light when charging, depending on the camera type. Of course, you can always check the battery percentage on the EufySecurity App. When the battery is full, take it off and place it back on the mount.

What Happens When Your Eufy Camera Battery Refuses to Charge? 

If the Eufy camera battery is not charging, you might need to check on a few things.

First, correctly connect it to the Homebase or 5V/2A or 9V/2A charger. Make Then, make the USB cable is tightly connected to the port. Then, make sure the ambient temperature of the camera is between 0℃(32℉) and 45℃(113℉) while it is charging. If it is too hot, it might not charge properly. 

If you check all these and the battery still refuses to charge, contact Eufy customer service with your complaints.


The long-lasting battery offered by Anker on the Eufy cameras is just one of the numerous features you can find on these beautiful products. 

If you don’t want to use a camera with rechargeable batteries, you could go for the wired Eufy cameras. Wired cameras work 24/7, and you don’t need to pay any subscription. On the other hand, if you don’t want to mess with many wires, the battery-powered camera is the best option for you.

Whether you choose to use the wired or wireless version of Eufycams, you will always get your money’s worth when you invest in Eufy cameras for your home security.    

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