Do Element TVs Have A Web Browser?

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Element TVs are all smart televisions, as most modern models are these days. That means that you can connect the television to your home wireless internet and use the connection to stream from the many pre-installed apps. Now that you know your TV can connect to the internet, you may be wondering do Element TVs have a web browser? 

Unfortunately, Element TVs, while they do have a lot to offer, do not come equipped with a web browser option. However, if you really want to enjoy using a web browser on your television screen, you can mirror your laptop, tablet, or smartphone. 

If you want to find out a little more about what Element TVs have to offer, as well as how to use your smart device to screen mirror your web browser onto your television screen, keep reading! In this article, we are going to go through everything you need to know about using the internet and specifically a web browser on your Element TV. 

What Does the Element TV Offer?

Similarly to most other smart TVs, when you first turn on your Element TV, you will be prompted to sign on to your home wireless network. However, contrary to many other smart TVs, by signing into the internet, you will not be granted access to a web browser. 

Another slightly disappointing feature of Element’s TVs is that they do not come equipped with an app store. That means that only the pre-installed apps are accessible on your TV. That being said, the television does already have several streaming apps pre-installed such as Netflix, Roku, Pandora, Facebook, and more. 

However, for more Element consumers, these seemingly dissatisfying factors are not a bad trade off for the affordable price point that the company offers, especially because as you are about to learn, you can fairly easily screen mirror your smart device to your television screen and use a web browser in a very similar way. 

But first, let’s find out how to first sign into the internet on your Element TV so you can then screen mirror and use a web browser on your TV screen!

How to Use the Internet on an Element TV?

In order to gain access to the available apps, you will need to sign in to your home WiFi network.  You can find the option to sign in in the television’s settings menu. It will prompt you to select your wireless network and then enter your password. 

After that, your Element TV will stay automatically connected unless there is a problem with your router or internet service provider. 

How to Use a Web Browser on your Element TV

As you now know, there is no web browser available on your Element TV, however, that does not mean it is impossible to use a web browser on your big screen!

Luckily, you can use screen mirroring to portray the screen of your smartphone, tablet, or laptop onto your Element TV screen. 

One important factor to note: only Android devices can be easily screen mirrored to an Element TV; Apple products need to be connected separately through AirPlay or Homekit, which we will discuss in the next section.

How to Screen Mirror an Android to an Element TV

To screen mirror your Android device to your Element TV, simply follow the instructions listed below: 

  • Ensure that both your TV and your smart device are connected to the same wireless network. 
  • Navigate to the television’s home screen and select SETTINGS.
  • Within SETTINGS, select SYSTEM.
  • Change the mode to display ALWAYS ALLOW.

From here, you will need to access your smart device’s settings menu as well and navigate to the screen mirroring section. Of course, with every brand, this process is slightly different, so you may need to do a little research if you cannot easily find the screen mirroring option. 

How to Screen Mirror an Apple Device to an Element TV

There is a chance that your Element TV is not capable of screen mirroring from an Apple product. In order to find out if it is even possible to connect your two devices, you need to navigate to the settings menu on your Element TV.

There you may see an option for AirPlay or HomeKit, if you do, you can use either of these programs to connect your Apple device to your television. 

However, if you do not, then, unfortunately, the two are not compatible. 

Final Thoughts

So, do Element TVs have a web browser? Sadly, they do not. However, you can use a web browser on your Element TV by screen mirroring your smart device onto the big screen. 

Once again, it’s important to understand that while Element TVs do have quite a good deal to offer, they are not as technologically equipped as some of their competitors. 

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