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Do Blink Products Work in Canada?

Last Updated Nov 17, 2021
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Blink is an American company that is part of the Amazon network. It specializes in home automation, and particularly in home security cameras. Blink’s popularity has grown across borders, but you may wonder if this makes products available everywhere.

As a general rule, Blink products work in Canada. They are available across North America and Europe. Blink products in the US and Canada are in the same region used by Blink servers and hardware. Incompatibility issues may happen between regions.

If you are interested in getting Blink products in Canada, read on to learn more about how this service works there.

Do Blink Products Work in Canada?

Blink was founded in 2009 in Andover, Massachusetts, when it was initially known as Immedia Semiconductor. Amazon acquired it in 2017. Its primary focus is home automation and security, with camera systems and video doorbells as the key elements. Since its inception, Blink has become very popular in Europe and Canada.

Blink products work easily in Canada. Being in the same region as the US means that these products can be used without complications. Amazon provides easy access to Canadians looking to enjoy what Blink has to offer. Amazon also includes a Blink subscription for added convenience.

These are the Blink products available in Canada:

  • Video doorbell: This new product is highly practical and available in wired or wireless versions.
  • Blink Mini: A convenient plug-in camera best suited for indoor use.
  • Indoor: This wireless camera is ideal for indoor use.
  • Outdoor: A wireless camera that can be used outdoors.
  • Solar Panel Mount: This provides solar charge for other Blink products like Outdoor.
  • Floodlight camera: This is another new product that works well with Outdoor cameras through the use of floodlight mounts.

Is There a Blink Subscription in Canada?

Amazon offers a subscription plan for owners of Blink products like the Blink Mini or the video doorbell. This service is also available in Canada and can be enjoyed by new and experienced Blink owners.

Once you purchase a Blink product such as the Mini or Indoor/Outdoor cameras, you will receive a free trial to a Blink subscription. Around the time the free trial is set to expire, you will be sent instructions to subscribe to the service. Various plan options can accommodate your needs.

The Blink Subscription Plans

After purchasing a Blink product in Canada, you might want to complement it by adding a subscription to it. Three plan options offer different features that you can use to have a richer Blink experience. Let’s take a look at the subscription plans available to you as a Canadian Blink owner.


The free subscription plan is compatible with using local video storage. It also supports motion-activated notifications and live-streaming. It includes a one-year warranty coverage.


The basic subscription plan for Blink products in Canada includes everything that the free tier offers. On top of that, it adds photo capture and video recording, as well as clip storage for 60 days rolling. It also offers assistance for one supported camera or doorbell and has a one-year warranty coverage.

The basic plan costs $5 a month or $50 a year.


The plus subscription includes all the features listed above. Further bonuses include a 10% discount on other Blink products and an unlimited number of supported cameras per location. This tier offers an extended warranty that only terminates when the subscription becomes inactive.

The plus plan costs $15 per month or $150 per year.

Are Blink Products Region-Locked?

Blink products are region-locked and are only available in North America, Europe, and the UK. The hardware used by Blink, including cameras and other systems, is region-specific and cannot be used in other regions.

While Canada and the US share a region and do not need to worry about not being able to use the same products, this can’t be said of North America and Europe. Canada uses the same North American sync modules as the US, but these are not compatible with those of other regions.

If you try to use hardware for Blink products from two different regions, you should expect them not to work with each other. This includes any necessary replacements. Each piece of hardware made by Blink is meant to work only in the region where they are produced. Importing them from different ones will result in a dysfunctional item.

How Does the Blink Sync Module Work?

The sync module is an essential part of using Blink products. You may be worried that they won’t work for you if you are in Canada, but they are designed to be the same across North America.

The sync module allows you to control the Blink devices you are using. It receives information through the network and then sends commands in the same way. It is imperative to the experience of being a Blink owner to make sure the sync module works.


Blink products work in North America, including Canada. The US and Canada are in the same region, making it easier to share compatible hardware and devices. It also means that the sync modules will be fully operational.

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