Do Blink Cameras Have Two-Way Audio?

blink mini sitting on kitchen counter with tablet in the background.blink mini sitting on kitchen counter with tablet in the background.

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Smart home security devices are revolutionizing how people secure their homes, from sensing motion and capturing footage to alerting you from your phone with updates no matter where you are. A new feature that most smart home cameras have now is two-way audio, but is this a Blink camera feature, too?

Blink does have two-way audio on the following camera models: Blink’s video doorbell, Indoor (Gen 2), Outdoor, Mini, and XT2. However, previous versions, such as the Blink XT, do not have two-way audio.

Having two-way audio is one thing—using it effectively is another. This article will discuss Blink cameras with this unique feature and how it works on each device. 

How to Use Blink Camera’s Two-Way Audio

If you’re new to the Blink Mini or XT2, you can use the following steps to access your device’s two-way audio feature:

  1. Download the Blink app (available on Android and iOS) Be sure to give the app microphone permission when it asks.
  2. Once your app is configured, select “Live View.” You should be taken to the Blink camera’s current view.
  3. On this same Live View screen, you will see a blue circle that says, “Talk.” Tap and hold this button to talk to the person on the other end.

Can You Enable or Disable Two-Way Audio?

The easiest way to turn on and off two-way audio is by not allowing your Blink app to access your microphone. Here are some instructions on how to do that.

  1. Open your mobile device’s settings and find the Blink app. 
  2. Select the Blink app
  3. Select the option to disable the Blink app’s access to your microphone

If you disable the microphone access in your Blink app, you will disable two-way audio. You will not be able to use the two-way audio function if you do this.

Can You Turn Off the Audio on a Blink Mini?

Turning off the audio or video in your Blink Camera is simple. You just need to go to the camera settings menu. From there, you can control many different settings for your camera or doorbell. Select turn off audio or video in this menu. 

Blink Cameras with Two-Way Audio

Blink offers two-way audio on their Blink Mini, Blink XT2, Blink Video Doorbell, Blink Outdoor, and Blink Indoor models of cameras. The Blink XT2 is not available now as it is an older model. It can still be purchased on the secondary market if desired.

 Blink MiniBlink XT2Blink Video DoorbellBlink OutdoorBlink Indoor
PowerHardwiredWorks with AA batteries2 AA lithium batteries or hard-wired2 AA lithium batteries2 AA lithium batteries
Indoor/Outdoor UseIndoor onlyIndoor/ outdoor optionIndoor/ OutdoorIndoor/OutdoorIndoor Only
Temp. MonitoringAvailableAvailableNot AvailableAvailableAvailable
Compatible with AlexaYesYesYesYesYes

How Does Blink’s Two-Way Audio Work?

Two-way audio allows you to speak to someone through your Blink camera using your phone or another mobile device (like the Amazon Echo Show). It also works well with Amazon Blink Camera accessories.

Let’s say you’re at the grocery store shopping, and someone decides to stop by your home while you’re out. Your outdoor Blink camera should alert you to motion by your front door (if your device is set up in this location). By tapping on the notification and viewing the live feed, you can see them. Then, you’ll be given an option to speak to them as well.

This feature comes in handy, especially with the Blink XT2, since it can be used to talk to visitors outside your home. Of course, with the Blink Mini, since it can only be used indoors, you can use the device to talk to household members while you’re away as well (and, worst-case scenario, use the function to scare off intruders).

Why is There No Sound on my Blink Camera?

If you find that the two-way audio isn’t working and there is no sound coming from your Blink Camera, it may not have access to your microphone. You need to give your Blink camera access to your phone’s microphone to use these functions.

Give Blink Cameras Access to Your iPhone’s Microphone

  1. Go to Settings on your iOS mobile device
  2. Select Blink from the list of Apps on your phone
  3. Enable the Microphone option to give Blink microphone access

Give Blink Cameras Access to Your Android’s Microphone

  1. Go to Phone Settings on your Android mobile device
  2. Select Apps
  3. Select Blink from the list of apps
  4. Select App Permissions
  5. Tap Microphone
  6. Select Allow


Two-way audio is a must-have feature for smart home security cameras. Although it can make a camera a little more expensive, it’s generally well worth the price, being more convenient for users than the cameras without it.

Of course, if you’re not a fan of two-way audio or don’t feel comfortable allowing the Blink app to access your microphone, you can always disable the feature and turn it back on whenever you’d like.

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