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Do AirPods Work With Kindle Oasis

Last Updated May 19, 2022

Apple is notorious for its lack of compatibility with non-Apple devices. With the era of “The Internet Of Things” in full bloom, it should be noted that compatibility is something that should be taken into account when looking for a device. But what about AirPods and Kindle Oasis?

AirPods work with Kindle Oasis or any other device that supports Bluetooth. Kindle Oasis sometimes has trouble with devices with an integrated microphone, as AirPods do, but you can pair the two with a small amount of setup.

AirPods don’t support non-Apple products straight out of the box. Kindle, which is obviously not an Apple product, requires you to follow a specific setup process in order to ensure the two are linked. Read on to learn that process as well as what to do if Kindle doesn’t want to pair with any Bluetooth headset.

First Ensure Your Setup Correctly

It can be very frustrating to go to listen to an audiobook on your Kindle Oasis to find that there are no speakers or audio jack, but you can use Bluetooth headphones to listen. Anytime something needs to be added or removed from Bluetooth, you should ensure your devices are up-to-date. Early Kindle devices did not support Bluetooth, but updates added it.

AirPods are designed to connect to any Apple product within range automatically. If there are Apple devices within Bluetooth range of the AirPods, they will connect to them before anything else. Bluetooth may have to be disabled on all Apple products before proceeding with the attempted pairing.

The Kindle comes with Bluetooth disabled, as it is not the core functionality the Kindle was designed for. The Kindle must first be powered up, and Bluetooth enabled. It must also be connected to the internet via WiFi to check for updates. If updates are pending, they must be completed before moving forward.

Pairing Through Settings

First, bring the Kindle online and ensure Bluetooth is enabled. This can be done by going to the Settings icon (a wheel cog) and choosing the “All Settings” wheel cog. Under that menu, find the menu option “Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.” Select that option and enable Bluetooth if it isn’t already.

The next step is to put the AirPods in pairing mode. This can be done by putting the AirPods into the case and then holding down the button on the back of the case until the LED inside the case pulses white. This indicates that it is ready to pair.

If the AirPods had previously been given a name, which is advised, particularly if there are multiple devices throughout the home, that name should pop up on the Bluetooth Device list on the Kindle Oasis. Selecting that device from the list of devices should automatically pair the AirPods. Check that the LED inside the case has stopped flashing, then use them freely!

Using Audible Once you are Paired

Many do not know that Kindle Oasis natively supports Audible audiobooks. Audible requires a separate subscription but is owned by Amazon and can be synched such that the books being read on the Kindle can be read aloud through Audible as well.

As an Audible member, you can access your books by selecting My Library, filter the list of books with the drop-down menu, and choose “Audible.” If the Kindle was synched previously on WiFi, your Audible library should appear. Select the book you would like and you can then listen.

There is also a feature that many do not know about in which the Kindle books are converted to audio through a speech-to-text engine. You can automatically switch back and forth between reading and writing the books or magazines as your life allows.

The quality of the text-to-speech engine is not very good. It is much better to have the books professionally read through Audible.

If They Will not Pair

Typically the AirPods will pair immediately and without fault. Every so often, either the Kindle or AirPods will fail to pair or kick the other device out of the connection. Before trying anything else, the pairing process should be repeated to ensure it was followed correctly.

If the process still does not result in a correct pairing, attempt to pair the AirPods with an iPhone. If that works, attempt the Bluetooth pairing process with a different, non-Apple Bluetooth set of headphones. If all devices are up-to-date, and one of the devices will not pair correctly, the device is likely faulty, and a factory reset is recommended.

Different Manufacturers

In conclusion, even Apple’s official support line states that AirPods are not designed to function with anything other than an Apple device. While this isn’t necessarily true, if there are issues beyond what was discussed here, Apple’s support will not be of assistance. It is strongly recommended that a different manufacturer’s headphones are considered for pairing with the Kindle.

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