Do ADT Cameras Have Night Vision?

a pole with several different types of security cameras mounted on ita pole with several different types of security cameras mounted on it

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ADT cameras are often used as part of an outdoor security camera network, so they need to be able to catch footage of any disturbances outdoors after dark. This is the time when home invaders are most likely to try and break in since they have the cover of darkness to protect them.

ADT cameras are outfitted with infrared night vision so that they’re operational in all low light conditions. Night vision cameras detect body heat to trigger the home alarm system. Night vision cameras allow you to maintain 24-hour surveillance of your residence even without floodlights. 

Are night vision security cameras worth the investment? Keep reading to learn more about how ADT’s night vision camera system works and how it helps keep your property safe.

ADT Cameras and Night Vision Capacity

Since many home troubles such as trespassers or house fires occur after dark, it’s important that the ADT system is just as vigilant at night when the household is sleeping as it is during the day when it’s being actively monitored.

Like many security camera systems, ADT cameras are set up with night vision capacity to allow them to survey a property twenty-four hours a day, regardless of how much ambient light there is outdoors.

Without night vision cameras, ADT’s camera system would be unable to take usable camera footage in pitch black conditions. It also wouldn’t be able to detect movement via motion detection since there isn’t enough light for it to identify any moving objects.

Instead, ADT’s camera system operates on infrared technology. This technology doesn’t depend on any source of light for operation. No matter how dark your home is after lights out, a night vision camera system from ADT still has you covered.

How Does ADT Infrared Night Vision Work?

Infrared night vision works by detecting the radiation of ambient heat sources rather than motion. This means even if the cameras are in a location that is too dark for them to see what’s going on, they’re capable of capturing clear footage of any living thing that ventures into their proximity. This in turn allows the cameras to activate the latent security system in the home.

Infrared light is light created by radiant heat, and it’s light that operates at a level below the ability of the human eye to perceive. Even though infrared cameras show infrared images as a series of heat-based auras, these auras cannot be seen by the naked human eye.

So why do ADT security cameras come with infrared night vision capability? Here are a few of the reasons:

  • Low lux or 0-lux conditions: If you don’t have spotlights or other exterior lighting around your home, the lighting conditions for traditional camera footage will be poor. Infrared footage ensures that you get a good look at whatever set off your security systems, even if they did it in the dark.
  • Dusty/foggy conditions: Infrared light is able to pass through environmental conditions which greatly impact the ability of light to shine through. This makes them popular in surveillance conditions where visibility is limited by conditions other than lack of light.
  • Less environmental impact: Lots of external floodlights can cause insects to become disoriented and flock at your home entrances. They can also affect the ability of nearby outdoor plants to grow with a natural day-night cycle. Infrared detection doesn’t affect outdoor areas in this way and leaves your yard properly dark at night.
  • Less energy use: It takes less energy to run infrared detection in the dark than it does to run a spotlight or a series of floodlights around the exterior of your home.

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons why infrared night vision is a smart function to have in ADT’s security cameras.

Other ADT Camera Functions

Along with their night vision capability, ADT cameras also have several other useful functions in a smart home security system. These cameras can capture security footage when triggered, but that’s not their only function.

How Far Can ADT Cameras See?

The field of vision for ADT’s infrared camera system is probably one of the biggest drawbacks of these cameras. While they’re able to detect infrared movement from up to fifteen feet away, they only have a field of vision of ninety-five degrees. In other words, there are a lot of blind spots in ADT’s external cameras to either side of the camera lens.

Do ADT Cameras Record All the Time?

ADT cameras record footage twenty-four hours a day. Homeowners can choose to go over this footage or remotely view live footage at any time. This means even if your home gets broken into while you’re away, you should still be able to check your security footage to see what happened in your absence.

Does ADT Monitor Your Cameras?

One of the biggest concerns that potential buyers have about ADT security cameras is whether the camera footage is monitored remotely by ADT.

Rest easy – ADT’s monitoring services do not have access to customer video that is caught on local security footage. Instead, ADT’s monitoring services are geared towards responding to home invasions, fires, and carbon monoxide poisoning.

ADT Night Vision Is Useful for Home Surveillance

While you never may have considered infrared cameras for your security system in the past, there are many benefits to using these kinds of cameras over traditional lit security footage. Infrared night vision ensures that you’ll get a clear picture of what’s going on around your home no matter how dark it is.

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