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Disney Plus Sound Not Working on Samsung TV (Easy Fix)

Last Updated Mar 26, 2022

The Disney Plus app can work very well on various brands of smart TVs, including Samsung. That is because of Disney’s ease of use, relatively affordable plans, and reliability. So, what happens when you relax to watch your favorite show after a long day, and you find out that the sound of the Disney plus app no longer works on your Samsung TV?

Here’s how to fix your Disney Plus when the sound isn’t working on your Samsung TV:

  1. Do a hard reset/power cycle.
  2. After about 60 seconds, power your Samsung TV back on and see if the sound now works. 
  3. Check the audio settings
  4. Re-install or update the app
  5. Contacting customer support
  6. Clear the app cache.

In many cases, that will do the job, and you can write that experience off and go back to enjoying your Disney app. However, on other occasions, a hard reset may not be enough. That is why this article is laden with information about what causes this loss of sound and certain procedures to rectify it.

How to Fix Disney Plus on Samsung TV

When your Disney+ app loses sound, interrupting your viewing experience, a power cycle is usually the first procedure. However, there are more fixes you can do if this does not solve the issue. 

Read on to find out these other steps and how to apply them for a quick resolution of the sound issues.

Power Cycle/Hard Reset Your Samsung TV

Completing a power cycle or hard reset on your Samsung TV is a pretty straightforward fix. 

All you need to do is unplug your Samsung TV from the socket and be patient for one minute. This is the average time it will take for your TV to complete a power cycle and restart all software programs on it. Then, after this minute is up, plug in your TV again and power it on. That should do it.

Check Your Other Streaming Apps

Most Samsung TV users make use of other streaming apps. If you have Netflix, Hulu, and the like, open these apps on your TV and see if the sound problems persist. If not, the Disney app may be having some technical issues. You can contact the Disney plus helpline for complaints if that is the case.

If, on the other hand, the sound issues remain even while on other streaming apps, your Samsung TV is most likely experiencing software or hardware malfunction. But before you conclude, check on the audio settings first.

Check the Audio Settings

Often, users mistakenly forget to change the audio settings to the default mode after playing video games or changing the input options to their stereo or DVD players. 

You can reconfigure your TV’s output options to default using your remote. Naturally, the sound will return when you do this.

Uninstall the Disney Plus App 

Uninstalling the app resets it and restores it to its default settings, just like a factory reset does for your TV. If you saved your login credentials somewhere, it might come in handy when you have to start from scratch with registrations and log into your Disney app.

Follow this procedure:

  1. Press Home Button on your remote.
  2. Scroll through to the Disney+ App.
  3. Select the app and scroll to the Remove option.
  4. Restart your TV and reinstall the app.

If you had previously saved episodes, apps, or settings on your Disney app, you might not be so happy about this fix. Unfortunately, uninstalling your Disney plus app means you will lose all that because this process involves exiting from and deleting the app completely. 

Clear the Disney Plus App’s Cache

This is another probable cause of the malfunction. Your Disney plus app’s cache may be over logged and needs clearing to free up space and increase performance. 

This troubleshooting fix is quite easy. Simply follow these steps:

  1. Go to Settings on your TV
  2. Select Apps
  3. Highlight the Disney app
  4. Scroll through to the Clear Cache option
  5. Click it

Your cache should now be cleared and the sound issues should no longer persist. If not, check the next step.

Check for Updates On Your Samsung TV

Check for updates on your Samsung TV. In most cases, updating the TV may help rectify the issue and other software bugs. 

Go to your TV’s Settings options and check for software updates. If there are any, click on the Update Software option, and your TV will be automatically updated.

Contact Support

If all else fails, never attempt to open the casing of your TV yourself. Instead, contact either the Samsung or Disney customer support unit depending on the cause of the problem. At this point, the professionals should take over.

 If your TV is under warranty, Samsung will have it repaired or replaced for you.


Fixing your Samsung TV’s inability to produce sound when you’re logged in on your Disney plus app should no longer be a headache. These malfunctions are normal and should not make you worry when it happens. 

Follow these troubleshooting solutions to rectify the issue and get back to enjoying your Disney content. If you encounter any problems trying these DIY fixes or if the issues persist, do not hesitate to contact support for either Samsung or Disney+ to resolve them themselves.

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