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Cool Things To Do With Fire HD 8

Last Updated Jan 5, 2022
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Amazon Fire HD 8 is an amazing below $100 tablet that offers more than you would expect from a device in its price range. It’s loaded with more internal storage and memory, a better display, and clear speakers, which have made the tablet perform well on the market. Besides the impressive features, there are some cool things you can do with the tablet.

Video streaming is among the cool things you can do using the Fire HD 8 due to its larger display that supports HD videos and popular streaming platforms. You can also use it to read eBooks, attend Zoom meetings and classes, and play offline videos through the SD card.

That’s not all, as you still need to know how to get the best out of your Fire HD 8, including the upgrades available, which you will learn if you read on.

What are the Cool Things You Can Do With Fire HD 8?

It might cost less than $100, but Fire HD 8 is an impressive tablet that allows you to do some amazing things, thanks to the amazing features. The tablet comes equipped with an 8-inch screen that is large enough for many activities. The tablet is also light enough to carry around without putting too much pressure on you.

There is also the issue of durability, as it comes enclosed in a plastic casing that can handle the impact. You can further accessorize it by adding a protective casing to improve its durability. Here are some fantastic things that you can do with your Fire HD 8:

Video Stream on Popular Platforms

If you fancy streaming videos, then you’ll enjoy using Amazon Fire HD 8 for several reasons:

  • The display is large enough for watching videos.
  • The HD quality is also perfect for video streaming.
  • Impressive processors that prevent video lagging

The tablet also supports all popular video streaming platforms that you can download from the Amazon App Store. However, YouTube and Apple TV services are not supported.

The tablet also comes equipped with a Micro SD card that you can load offline media and play using a media player such as VLC.

Zoom Meetings

Zoom has changed the way people hold virtual meetings and online classes, and you can use Fire HD 8 for the same purpose. However, you need to check whether the app is compatible with the tablet. The HD display is perfect for getting all the details in a virtual meeting, with the audio output being among the best.

Read eBooks

Before Amazon came up with Fire HD 8, people used to read their books through Amazon Kindle. However, Fire HD 8 has the edge over the Kindle since you can even read colored comic books. The larger display also helps, as you can view the entire book page without needing to scroll down or sideways more often. So, the next time you’re traveling and would like to bring your book with you, it would be a great idea to leave your Kindle behind and just carry your Fire HD 8.

Play Games

Although Amazon App Store doesn’t have an impressive game catalog, Amazon Fire HD 8 does support gaming. You’ll have limited options, though, but the Quad-Core processor is powerful enough to power and run a simple game. However, the 32GB internal space might not be enough to support multiple games and still run some apps in the background.

How to Upgrade Fire HD 8 to Do Even More

A low-end Amazon Fire HD 8 comes with 32 GB internal space, which might not be enough for many. However, there is an option to upgrade to more space, and you can add up to 64 GB of space by paying an additional $30.

RAM is very crucial to any device as it allows for simultaneous multifunctioning. The bigger the RAM, the more tasks a device can handle at any given time. For an additional $20, you can upgrade the RAM and wireless charging.

There is also Fire HD 8 for kids if you wish to buy them one. For $139.99, you can get the Amazon Kid’s subscription for a year, and the tablet comes with an extended two-year warranty, with one year for the casing.

You might have noticed ads appearing on the lock screen. Although they don’t interfere with normal operations, they can get a bit frustrating. You’ll be required to pay $15 to have the ads removed, allowing you to operate the tablet without any distractions.


Amazon Fire HD 8 might be a cheap tablet, but it allows you to do some cool things such as streaming videos, attending online classes or virtual meetings through Zoom, or reading books, such as comic books. It might come with 32 GB as a default internal storage, but it offers you a chance to upgrade and include better features.

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