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CNN: What Channel is It on Each Cable Provider?

Last Updated Sep 21, 2022
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CNN is one of the country’s most popular news outlets. If you enjoy learning about current events, whether on a local or international level, you may be interested in watching the news programs on this channel. So, on which channel can you find CNN for different cable providers?

Because CNN airs a lot of local programming, the channels you’ll find it on differ greatly based on your location. However, if you use U-Verse TV, you’ll likely find it on channel 202. For other providers, check your local listings to learn where to find CNN.

Below, we will discuss the channel you can find CNN on based on the cable provider you use. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know.

What Channel is CNN on Each Cable Provider?

CNN is one of the top media outlets in the country. Because of this, many cable providers offer the channel in even their most basic packages. Some of the cable providers that offer CNN include:

  • Xfinity
  • U-verse
  • Wow
  • Cox
  • Spectrum
  • Optimum

You can watch local news, international news, and more on CNN with any of these cable providers, as long as you are subscribed to the right package.

What Channel is CNN on Xfinity?

Typically, the channel packages and lineups for Xfinity vary by region. For this reason, there’s no one channel you’ll find CNN on.

To learn which channel broadcasts CNN, you’ll have to visit the Xfinity website and input your zip code to learn the customized channel lineup for your area.

Rest assured, CNN is available in a variety of Xfinity TV packages. The only packages that do not feature CNN are Xfinity’s Limited Basic and Limited Choice HD and SD packages.

What Channel is CNN On U-verse?

If you subscribe to AT&T’s U-Verse TV package, you will find CNN on channel 202 in SD quality and channel 1202 in HD quality.

In addition to the traditional CNN channel, U-Verse also gives you access to two other CNN sub-channels. These include:

  • CNN Headline News on channel 203 in SD and 1203 in HD.
  • CNN International (CNNI) on channel 205.

In addition, CNN en Espanol is available on the U-verse Hispanic channel lineup on Channel 3110.

What Channel is CNN On Wow?

CNN is only available on Wow’s Medium and Large TV packages. The channel number varies depending on your location, so there is no general channel for every area of the country.

Some of the channels you may find CNN on with Wow include:

City/StateChannel in SDChannel in HD
Columbus, Georgia26941
Detroit, Michigan50246
Montgomery, Alabama36941

To learn which Wow channel airs CNN in your area, contact customer support or visit their website to find the channel lineup in your area.

Note that if you don’t see CNN on your lineup, even after tuning to the right channel, it could mean the channel listings have reshuffled. You may have to check with the cable provider to learn the latest channel lineup.

What Channel is CNN on Cox?

Cox offers CNN on two of their cable TV packages: Cox Contour TV Preferred and Contour TV Ultimate, in both SD and HD quality.

However, the exact channel number for CNN varies by location. The best way to find out CNN’s channel in your area is by checking the channel lineup page on the Cox website. If you have any further questions, reach out to Cox support.

What Channel is CNN on Spectrum?

Spectrum offers CNN on three of their cable TV packages. These include:

  • Spectrum Select
  • Spectrum Silver
  • Spectrum Gold

Both the English and Spanish CNN channels are available on these Spectrum plans, in both SD and HD quality.

However, like Cox and Xfinity, the channel number varies depending on your location. Some of the channels you may find CNN on Spectrum include:

StateChannel Number
New York46

To get a better idea of where Spectrum airs CNN in your area, visit their website to learn your local channel lineup.

What Channel is CNN on Optimum?

Like many cable providers, there is no designated channel for CNN on Optimum. You need to find the channel lineup in your area by checking the Optimum website.

CNN is available in all Optimum’s packages. You can gain access to opinion shows, on-demand programs, and world news no matter which Optimum TV plan you subscribe to.

In Conclusion

CNN is one of the best channels to get quality news on a local, national, and international level. For this reason, it is available on many plans from a variety of cable TV providers.

CNN is available on top providers like Optimum, Xfinity, Cox, Spectrum, and U-verse. However, because the station airs so much local content, the channel numbers vary greatly based on your location. To get a better idea of where to find it, check your provider’s local listings.

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