Chromecast Audio vs. Echo Dot

chromecast audio with yellow audio cablechromecast audio with yellow audio cable

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With convenient devices like Echo Dot and Chromecast Audio, it has never been easier to stream your playlist, podcasts, and even your favorite sporting event throughout your home, office, or during your next outdoor party. We know there is plenty to enjoy with these options, but how do they work, and which one is the best choice for your lifestyle? In this review, we will look at the benefits of both devices to help you make the right choice.

If you seek out the highest quality stereo sound or prefer to catch up on the latest news streaming on your device, choosing a suitable device for your needs is essential. Keep reading as we look at the specs, ratings, reviews, and more to help you decide between Chromecast Audio and Echo Dot.

Chromecast Audio vs. Echo Dot: Sound Quality

Fans of streaming services know how important it is to enjoy access to listening wherever you are. With the Echo Dot, the device is the speaker. Unfortunately, this can limit the quality of the sound you hear in some cases.

However, the latest, fourth-generation Echo Dot has improved the sound quality for streaming, which can make a difference when making your choice. This newest version of the Echo Dot contains improvements in sound quality due to the spherical design compared to previous models. In addition, the upgrade from the puck-shaped design to the round shape gives the audio a noticeable boost. If you are looking to upgrade to the newest version and improve the sound quality, this video will show you the latest upgrades.

When considering Chromecast Audio, you will need to determine the type of speaker system you wish to connect your device to. With Chromecast Audio, you will be able to turn your existing speakers into a connected setup. If your current speakers have a 3.5mm jack available, the chances are high that it is compatible with your device. In addition, you can also use speakers that have RCA inputs and optical digital inputs as well, further increasing compatibility with your existing speakers.

The sound quality you can expect with Chromecast Audio will depend on the speakers you are connected to. In addition to making your current speakers smart, you can also use Chromecast Audio with your headphones if they have an input for the device. See the setup procedure for the device here.

Chromecast Audio vs. Echo Dot: Ease of Connection

Connecting your streaming devices to your favorite online services should be streamlined. First, let us look at the procedure for each device:

Chromecast Audio connection steps:

  1. Insert the USB cable into the power supply as well as your Chromecast Audio device.
  2. Plug the audio cable into your device.
  3. Insert the Aux cable into the speaker you wish to use for streaming audio.
  4. Alternative connection options include RCA inputs and optical digital inputs. However, these cables are not included and must be purchased separately.
  5. If you wish not to connect your Chromecast Audio to Wi-Fi, there is an ethernet connection available as well. Find out how to complete this connection here.
  6. Plug the power supply into an available outlet and begin streaming setup in the app.

Echo Dot connection steps:

  1. Since the Echo Dot is the speaker, all you need to do for connection purposes is plug the device into an available outlet.
  2. Next, you only need to follow the setup procedures for connecting your streaming services via the app.

As you can see, the Echo Dot allows you to set up your device quickly. However, the sound choices you have are limited to the Echo Dot itself. When you choose Chromecast Audio, you have a vast number of options for sound output.

Chromecast Audio vs. Echo Dot: Streaming Services

There is a wide selection of streaming services available to choose from, so you might think that you can use any of them with both devices. Unfortunately, this is not the case, so it is a good idea to look at which services work with the two devices to research your choice further.

You will need to connect your subscribed services to the app that controls each device with both devices. For Chromecast Audio, click here to learn about the connection process for your streaming services.

 Chromecast AudioEcho Dot
Google Play MusicXX
Amazon Music UnlimitedXX
iHeart RadioXX
Apple Music X
iTunes X

As you can see, some of the most popular apps are available for streaming from Chromecast Audio and Echo Dot. For now, Apple Music and iTunes are not available for Chromecast Audio, but this could change and is worth keeping an eye on for updates.

Chromecast Audio vs. Echo Dot: Troubleshooting

When any problems arise with your streaming device, you want to solve the issue and get back to the broadcast. Next, you will find the procedures for troubleshooting both devices. Both devices have quality troubleshooting help available.

Getting Help with Chromecast Audio

If you have an issue with your Chromecast Audio playback or setup, follow these steps to get back up and running quickly:

  • Visit the interactive troubleshooting app here and begin the process of finding your issue. Multiple issues, including setup, casting, audio issues, multi-room playback, and more, are available.
  • If you prefer, you can visit the Ask the Community page to find answers to issues already submitted. Visit here to start this process.
  • Couldn’t find a resolution to your problem? Use this contact form to get in touch with experts for Chromecast Audio and solve your problem. There are multiple contact options available to help you.

Getting Help with Echo Dot

Finding an issue with your Echo Dot can be frustrating, but continue reading to find out how to resolve these issues and get back to listening:

  • Visit this page to begin the troubleshooting process for any issues with your Echo Dot.
  • There is a forum here to choose the Echo Dot version you own to get specific help with that device.
  • Choose from various sub-menus here that deal with many common issues such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Software, Hardware, and many other problems that fall under troubleshooting.
  • If you cannot find a solution to your issue, you can contact Amazon to chat with an associate who can help you solve your problem. When you would rather speak with someone directly for help with troubleshooting, you can also request a callback from this page as well.

Both Chromecast Audio and Echo Dot have robust troubleshooting help available for many common issues. By choosing the troubleshooting links, you should be able to resolve your problem without any difficulty.


Whether you are looking for the ability to use your existing speakers with Chromecast Audio or plug and play with the convenience of the Echo Dot, both these options offer excellent choices for your audio needs. Multiple streaming choices, convenient connection abilities, and more make both of these options worth the time to research to see which one you want for your smart home.

Update: Google has ceased the production of Chromecast Audio, though you can find comparable smart speakers from the same brand. Check out some alternatives here.

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