Change WiFi on Chromecast in 3 Steps

Chromecast device and remoteChromecast device and remote

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Google Chromecast is a useful device, but you may need to change the WiFi network you use with your device at some point. 

You can change the WiFi network connected to your Chromecast device in three easy steps. Keep reading to learn more about how to change your WiFi network on Chromecast! 

How to Change the WiFi Network on Chromecast

Changing the WiFi network on a Chromecast device isn’t a difficult process. 

All you’ll need is a live wireless internet connection and a smartphone or tablet with the Google Home app installed to proceed. 

The basic steps you’ll need to follow to change the wireless connection on your Chromecast are as follows: 

  • Forget the current WiFi network network
  • Connect Chromecast to the new WiFi network
  • Reset the Chromecast device (if necessary)

Keep reading for a more in-depth overview of how to change wireless networks on Chromecast

Forget Network in Chromecast Settings

The first step in changing the WiFi on Chromecast is forgetting the previous WiFi network your Chromecast was operating on. This allows Chromecast to scan for a new WiFi network.

To forget the WiFi network on your Chromecast device, follow these steps:

  • Open Chromecast on your TV. 
  • Go to the “Settings” submenu.
    Settings in Chromecast
  • Select Network & Internet then “WiFi.” 
    Chromecast Network & Internet
    Chromecast WiFi
  • Select the current Network then scroll down and select “Forget Device.” 
    Chromecast forget this device

Now, your device will be ready to sync with a new WiFi network. 

Connect Chromecast to the New WiFi Network

After forgetting the old network, you can connect your Chromecast to a new WiFi network.

To complete a manual WiFi setup, perform the following: 

  • Open Chromecast on your TV. 
  • Select “Settings.” 
  • Under Settings, select “Network & Internet.
  • Find the network you want to connect.
    Choose a network - Chromecast
  • Follow the prompts to connect your Chromecast device to a new WiFi network.

After completing these steps, your Chromecast should connect to your new network.

If you have difficulties doing so, you may need to reset the Chromecast device. 

Reset the Chromecast Device

Chromecast on screen

It’s not always necessary to reset your Chromecast device when you swap WiFi networks. 

However, if you’re having difficulties getting Chromecast to “see” your new WiFi network, it may need a hard reset to pick up the new signal. 

Follow these steps to reset your Chromecast device: 

  • Press the reset button on the Chromecast device. This button is located near the micro-USB port.
  • Hold down the reset button for at least 15 seconds. During this period, the Chromecast reset button will begin to flash. 
  • Release the button after the light stops flashing. This indicates that Chromecast is finished resetting. 
  • Reconnect Chromecast to WiFi in the Google Home app. Follow the instructions above to find the new WiFi network and connect to it. 

While resetting your Chromecast device, it may become necessary to disconnect and reconnect your smartphone or tablet to the WiFi network you want to sync your Chromecast to.

Troubleshooting a WiFi Swap on Chromecast

If you’re having problems connecting to your new WiFi network with Chromecast, there are some steps you can take to troubleshoot the problem. 

Here are some things to check out if you can’t connect to a new WiFi network on Chromecast:

  • Check Chromecast’s power source
  • Check your router’s power source
  • Check the WiFi network

Below, we’ll discuss how each can help you connect to a new network.

Check Chromecast’s Power Source

Your Chromecast won’t pick up a new WiFi network if it’s not connected to a power source

Check that the device is still plugged in securely and that the power outlet is functional. 

An easy way to see if Chromecast is powered on and connected to a network is to check the LED indicator light. 

The device is not powered if the light isn’t glowing or flashing white.  

Check Your Router’s Power Source

Another potential problem that may prevent you from changing WiFi networks on your Chromecast is an insufficient power source to the WiFi router. 

If your router isn’t working correctly, you won’t be able to find the network on any device. 

If you cannot connect to your home WiFi network on any devices, check your router to see if it is lit up and powered. 

If the router’s power indicator light is not lit, check the back to ensure there are no loose connections and that the router is plugged in. 

Check the WiFi Network

If your router and Chromecast have sufficient power, the next step is to check your WiFi network

Check the LED indicator light on the router to see if the network is active. 

If not, check with your Internet provider to see if there are any outages in your area. 

If your network is functional, you’ll know the problem is with the Chromecast device and not your WiFi. 

If you still have a problem at this point, contact Chromecast customer support. There may be a hardware issue with your device.

Changing Your WiFi Network on Chromecast

As long as you have a working WiFi network and the Google Home app downloaded on a smartphone or tablet, switching WiFi networks on Chromecast is simple.

All you have to do is forget your current WiFi network, then connect to a new one.

Sometimes, resetting your Chromecast device may be necessary to set up a new connection.

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