Can You Watch YouTube on NordicTrack?

YouTube on the corner of a screenYouTube on the corner of a screen

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Many people who use exercise equipment like to watch TV and streaming apps like YouTube. Watching media while working out can make it a lot easier to stay motivated and entertained while getting exercise. However, this can be an issue with NordicTrack. 

NordicTrack machines come with a tablet designed to work with the online workout system iFit. While this system is a useful way to track NordicTrack workouts, it doesn’t allow access to third-party applications like YouTube, Netflix, or Hulu. 

Even though NordicTrack doesn’t have native compatibility with YouTube, some models used to have a way to bypass the iFit system and access media sites through an Internet browser. Read on to learn more about why NordicTrack doesn’t support YouTube and a few ways it can still be used anyway. 

Why Won’t YouTube Work on the iFit Tablet?

The main reason that YouTube technically can’t be used on the iFit tablet for NordicTrack is that the tablet isn’t an official Android tablet. Even though it uses an Android operating system, it is a bespoke tablet designed specifically to run the iFit software. 

Since NordicTrack is invested in getting people to use iFit, it doesn’t make other media options easy to access. While NordicTrack owners could use “God Mode” at one point to download media apps on their NordicTrack, the company removed this access over time to try and prevent the system from being hacked. 

Another issue with running YouTube or other media streaming apps on NordicTrack’s native software is that the tablet doesn’t have a lot of extra memory. 

Since it’s a modified tablet designed just to run the iFit system, most of the memory it does have is dedicated to running this software. That means that even if streaming apps do manage to get downloaded on the NordicTrack, the memory they require may cause them to freeze. 

How to Watch YouTube While Using a NordicTrack

Even though the lack of Google Play Store options means that it’ll be a hard time downloading YouTube directly to the NordicTrack tablet, that doesn’t mean that YouTube can’t be watched at all while riding a NordicTrack. Another option is to watch YouTube on a monitor separate from the NordicTrack machine. 

To watch YouTube on another monitor while riding, the iFit system will need to be disabled. To engage the “Just Ride” mode and disable the iFit program, all that needs to be done is to press Start on the NordicTrack system. This will engage the NordicTrack in manual mode rather than going through the iFit program. 

Attaching A Secondary Tablet to NordicTrack 

If you want to use NordicTrack and YouTube at the same time but you don’t want to try to work around the software on NordicTrack’s baked-in system, another option for watching YouTube while working out is to attach a second tablet or a smartphone to the NordicTrack while doing so. 

While this workaround won’t allow watching YouTube on the big screen on the NordicTrack, it’ll at least allow it to be watched while working out. The biggest challenge in adding a secondary tablet to the NordicTrack is that some models don’t come with a tablet holder. Since it already has a tablet built into the system, it isn’t designed for use with other smart devices. 

The good news is that if the NordicTrack model doesn’t come with a tablet holder, there are third-party tablet holders or smartphone holders to mount on a NordicTrack. This will allow YouTube or any other streaming media service to watch desired while working out.

Here are just a few available choices for a tablet mount to add to a NordicTrack system: 

  • AdirSports Treadmill Tablet Holder: Out of the available tablet holders that can be used with a NordicTrack, this holder from AdirSports is one of the easiest to install since it just hangs from the machine rather than having to be mounted with screws. This tablet holder can be used with magazines, smartphones, and ebooks as well as tablets.
  • Dhystar Tablet Mount Holder: If you’re worried about making sure the tablet holder is stable, the Dhystar tablet holder is a smart option. This tablet holder has non-slip, non-scratch, and shockproof protection pads that can help prevent tablets from being jostled off of the mount while working out.
  • KDD iPad and Phone Tripod Mount Adapter: Watching a TV show on a NordicTrack is frustrating if vibrations from the machine are causing the tablet to bounce around. A solution for this problem is to use a tripod mount for the tablet instead. This mount at KDD can swivel 360-degrees for the best view no matter where it has been placed. 

Even though it’s possible to try and hack a NordicTrack’s software directly, this can void the warranty and cause damage to the built-in tablet if it is done incorrectly. Attaching a tablet holder is a great way to maintain access to the iFit programs and watch all of your favorite YouTube channels at the same time. 

Using YouTube on the NordicTrack Requires Workarounds

It can be a little bit of a hassle to watch YouTube on the NordicTrack since its stock electronics aren’t designed to run it. However, if some of the tips above are used, there is finally a chance to watch at least some streaming services while working out on a NordicTrack system.

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