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Can You Watch YouTube on Nebula Capsule? How It’s Done

Last Updated Jul 14, 2022

The Nebula Capsule is a portable movie projector that allows users to watch media on big screens wherever they wish. It is a great tool for streaming videos, which may make you wonder if you have access to YouTube videos on it.

You can watch YouTube on the Nebula Capsule, thanks to its Android software allowing the use of apps. While the Nebula Capsule grants easy access to YouTube, there are several steps to the process of watching the videos through it.

If you have a Nebula Capsule and are interested in whether you can watch YouTube on it, read on below to find out more about how it’s done.

Can You Watch YouTube on Nebula Capsule

With the Nebula Capsule, users can enjoy a portable and practical movie projector experience at any time and in any location. Created by Anker, the Nebula Capsule was first released in 2017, followed by the highly anticipated Nebula Capsule II in 2019.

The original Nebula Capsule runs Android 7.1, while the Nebula Capsule II has Android TV 9.0 software. This allows users to display media from various streaming apps, including YouTube.

Watching YouTube on the Nebula Capsule can help you enjoy your favorite media on the platform on a big screen. This will also allow you to share the videos you like with your friends in a more entertaining way.     

Using the Nebula Capsule to watch YouTube can help you enhance your social gatherings or just let you enjoy your favorite videos in your backyard, at the beach, or while out camping.

The Nebula Capsule provides a 360-degree speaker and crisp video quality that will make any media you play look amazing on a bigger display. Thanks to the Android and Android TV software running on the Capsule, you will be able to easily enjoy YouTube videos on it.

How It’s Done

There are a few steps to follow when setting up YouTube to work on the Nebula Capsule. This is a straightforward process that can be performed quickly, so you can even do it right before a planned gathering and get it all sorted in time.

To watch YouTube on the Nebula Capsule, you will need your projector, a working Wi-Fi connection, and for further convenience, your Android or Apple smartphone.

Update Your Firmware

Before you begin, make sure that your firmware is up to date. To check, go to Settings on your Nebula Capsule, then to Device Preferences, then to About, followed by System Update.

If you see an update available, go ahead and install it to make sure you are running the newest version. If you have the most recent update, you won’t see anything available to download.

Install Nebula Manager via Play Store

Once you’ve updated your Nebula Capsule, you should open the Google Play Store on it, which is included thanks to the Android software. In the Play Store, search for Nebula Manager.

Nebula Manager is the Capsule’s own version of a Play Store. It allows for more specific apps to be installed directly on the device. It will also show all the apps that are compatible with the specific Nebula Capsule you have.

Install YouTube

You can install YouTube on the Nebula Capsule following these steps:

  • Open Nebula Manager
  • Search for the YouTube app in Nebula Manager’s Discovery section, where you will find the most popular choices.
  • Once found, clicking on the YouTube app will allow you to install it on the Capsule.

Install Nebula Connect on Smartphone

After installing YouTube on the Nebula Capsule, you should also install the app that allows you to control it from your phone. The Nebula Connect app can be installed on both Android and Apple devices. It can be found either in the App Store or the Play Store.

Once you install it, you will be able to have remote control over the YouTube app right from your phone. It offers an option called mouse mode that will allow you to navigate YouTube with extra ease.

Play Your Videos

Once everything has been installed, you should go ahead and watch YouTube on a big display via your Nebula Capsule. You can control the videos either from the projector itself or through the remote app, depending on which Capsule you have.

Can You Stream to Nebula Projector?

While YouTube videos are far easier to stream, options like Netflix or Prime have their content in DRM mode. This means that a Chromecast can’t be used with the Nebula Capsule, nor can the screen be mirrored while viewing copyrighted material.

To avoid any issues with this, make sure to use the Nebula Capsule with the specific apps for each service you want to use that is available. You will find YouTube easier to navigate through the app you will find on Nebula Manager.


You can watch YouTube content on Nebula Capsule without going to any trouble. Following a few straightforward steps, you will be able to set up your YouTube content to play through the projector. This will allow you to enjoy the media whether by yourself or with others, and on a bigger screen than usual.

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