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Can You Watch Netflix on Kindle Oasis?

Last Updated May 7, 2022
Amazon Kindle

With the sheer volume of entertainment options on the market and compatible personal devices, one is bound to become overwhelmed with choice. When searching for a new personal device, especially a tablet such as the Kindle Oasis, a strong suggestion would be to start with a quick tally of all the functionalities you’re looking for and go from there. A key feature that a large majority of the personal tech community is looking for is the ability to stream movies and shows.

No, it is not possible to watch Netflix on an Amazon Kindle Oasis. The only Amazon tablet products that support watching movies through third-party apps are the Kindle Fire (HD) and classic Amazon Fire (HD).

While this is disappointing news to some, it is not exactly a deterrent for others. Keep reading to dive deeper into e-readers, tablets, and the Kindle Oasis.  

Kindle Oasis is Amazon’s Top-Of-The-Line E-Reader

The Oasis’ 7-inch screen provides a substantial percentage of extra screen real estate compared to its predecessors. It has kept the 300 pixel-per-inch display that offers the sharpness and contrasts Amazon e-reading customers have become accustomed to. The Oasis clearly feels like a premium e-reading device.

While many would still argue that the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite is the best book reading experience on the market, the main criticisms of Amazon Kindle E-Reader’s stem from their limited abilities outside of their main purpose: reading books.

Without added bells and whistles, one could say that the Kindle Oasis has narrowed its potential customer base significantly. One could also say that Amazon has truly honed in on its niche of the e-reading community.

The Features and Disappointments with Kindle Oasis

It should come as no surprise that the fast-paced evolution of the personal tech world produces products that spark both wild enthusiasm and harsh controversy. Amazon has been in the middle of this balancing act for about as long as they have existed as a company, and it is no different with the Kindle Oasis.

What Qualities Are Boosting Sales?

Let us start with some exciting features.

  • Disability Features: For those with limited sight and hearing abilities, the extra purchase of a Kindle Audio Adapter enables VoiceView for Kindle, which allows you to navigate your Kindle with text-to-speech.
  • Waterproof: Responding to the customer base who desires to read by the bath, pool, and beach, Amazon has now “dunk-proofed” their e-reading tablets.
  • Audiobooks: With Audible built-in, you can listen to a massive library of audiobooks and easily switch between reading and listening with Whispersync technology.
  • Bluetooth: While this is the only way to hear Kindle audiobooks through your Oasis, Bluetooth headphones and speakers are arguably the best overall experience.

What Is the Controversy About?

Now, for the arguably lenient list of disappointments.

  • Missing MicroSD Slot: No MicroSD means those with large libraries have no way of increasing their device’s storage and must either upgrade or thin out their collection.
  • Added Audiobook Costs: You must purchase the Kindle version of a book and the Audible audiobook version of that book in order to take advantage of the Audible integration with Whispersync technology keeping your place. The good news is that sometimes Amazon will give you the option of purchasing a book with the Audible add-on for just a few dollars more. However, this is not true for all books and still means readers have an extra cost to utilize this great feature.
  • No Apps: The Kindle Oasis does not allow access to any app stores, meaning users cannot watch movies on streaming services, play games, or download any other desired apps.
  • Basic Web: Many have said the experimental browser, now known as Basic Web, feels like surfing the web when the internet was first invented. It does not support media plug-ins like Flash or Shockwave, and JavaScript must be turned off for a high-quality browsing experience.

The main “con” to pay attention to here when referencing the original question is the inability of the Kindle Oasis to download any kind of app. This means users will not be able to watch movies from Netflix, Hulu, or any other streaming service.

This then brings us to our final analysis.

Is Amazon Kindle Oasis Worth It?

We need to take a step back and realize this device is essentially only intended for one thing: reading books. If other features are important to you, you might want to look elsewhere.

If you like Amazon, we suggest anything within the Fire product line. If you are not bound by Amazon brand loyalty, look into any other tablet that is not designed to be an e-reader. You will be better off with a tablet that can “do it all” and invest in a reading app like Amazon Kindle that does almost everything the Kindle Oasis does, minus the custom screen display.

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