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Can You Watch Netflix on Echelon bike?

Last Updated Apr 11, 2022
netflix logo on building

It sounds perfect – riding a bike and watching Netflix. No more squinting at your phone screen or worrying about if you have studs at eye level on the wall when you’re on your bike so you can mount a TV there. 

The Echelon Bike does not support Netflix, meaning you cannot watch Netflix directly from your Echelon Bike. To stream Netflix with the Echelon bike, you’d need: an EX3 or EX3S, a device to hook up to the bike, or a cable to connect the two with.

Despite gyms closing, 78% of people believe fitness has become more easily accessible. Professional cyclists train indoors to keep their bodies in peak condition during bad weather. While it does sound amazing to be able to keep up with your fitness goals and watch Netflix, some companies have steered away from allowing you to do that. Read on to learn more.

Echelon and Netflix Compatibility

When working out, you probably would love something to pass the time, and what better to do than streaming your favorite show?

The Echelon bike is not compatible with Netflix. You cannot download or use Netflix directly from your Echelon bike without extra steps. If you want to watch Netflix, we’ve compiled some tricks to get you watching those new Netflix Originals right from your Echelon bike.

Some of the ways to watch Netflix on your Echelon bike are:

  • Use a tablet to stream Netflix
  • Bypass the settings on your Echelon bike
  • Attach an HDMI cable to your tablet (EX3 or EX3S bike models only)

Using a Tablet to Stream Netflix

Okay, so a really cool thing you can do is attach your tablet or phone to your Echelon bike! Most of the Echelon models you’ll come across already come with a screen, but you can’t stream Netflix on that screen because it is limited to only Echelon features.

Because Netflix does not work with the Echelon bike, consider getting a sidecar mount for your tablet or phone.  This is a super fast and cheap way to watch Netflix on your stationary bike. You could attach your device to the top, left, or right of the stock screen and could even add multiple devices if you needed.

If you don’t have a tablet and don’t want to sidecar your phone, here’s a more in-depth way to watch Netflix while you cycle your soul out.

Bypass the Settings on your Echelon Bike

So, no to side caring – no problem. Let’s try to bypass your settings. Here is the Launcher3 method, where you’d bypass the Echelon interface to let you access the underlying Android software.

Launcher 3 Method

  1. Select “apps”
  2. Disable modify system settings permission on both Echelon apps
  3. On the main echelon fit app, click the home app setting
  4. Change the home app setting to launcher3

This resets your Echelon app to the basic android home screen. You may be able to stream Netflix through the browser now. If you want to download Netflix, you can search for the Netflix APK on Google, download it, and install permissions in the settings of your Echelon bike. 

Connect your tablet (EX3 or EX3S bike models only) With a Cable

You can also connect your tablet to either the EX3 model or EX3S model by attaching a cable between the bike and tablet. Just make sure you have the proper cable; check out the input on the bike. If your tablet doesn’t have the right cable connection, you can connect it using a tablet usb hub. You may also want to sidecar for this one!

An Alternative: Echelon Fit

Netflix is great. There are tons of shows you can enjoy, and I think we all can agree most of the Netflix Originals are pretty great. But if Netflix isn’t the biggest deal to you, you can live without it for your cycling session and were just curious if you could use Netflix, you may be interested in what the Echelon Fit app has to offer:

Live ClassesOn-Demand ClassesScenic RidesFitpass
Elite InstructorsCommunityChallenges

The Bottom Line

Unfortunately, Netflix just is not compatible with the Echelon bike, and as of yet, an announcement of Netflix on the Echelon bikes have not been released. We can only hope to see Netflix integrated into the Echelon bike interface in the future. So, for now, you’ll have to compromise by attaching a tablet or altering the settings of your Echelon to stream Netflix.