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Can You Watch Hulu Movies Offline?

Last Updated Feb 28, 2022

There is nothing better than kicking off your shoes and lounging on the couch on a rainy day. One favorite pastime is streaming a movie on a content platform like Hulu. Hulu features thousands of movies and shows in all genres. But what if you are watching Hulu and the internet suddenly cuts out? Can you watch Hulu movies offline?

Yes, you can watch Hulu movies offline. You will need to download them while you have access to the internet to be able to watch them offline anywhere you’d like.

It’s truly heartwrenching to be stuck in a predicament where you are binge-watching a show, and suddenly you can’t view it anymore because the internet is down. Read on to find out the best way to utilize Hulu movies and shows offline before the worst-case scenario occurs.

How to Download Your Favorites

Hulu has a functionality that allows a subscriber to download movies and shows to watch offline later. This is especially handy for plane rides, car rides, or spurts without an internet connection. 

You can download them on your iPad or Fire Tablet.

Although this option is available, not everyone knows it exists and how to utilize it. Here are the steps: 

Create an Account

Before you can do virtually anything on Hulu, you need to make sure you have a subscription account. Their subscription plans range anywhere from the ad-supported $6.99 per month plan to the Hulu No Adds, Live TV, Disney Plus, and ESPN plan that is $79.99 per month. Even if you’re not downloading videos, you can still use this plan to watch Hulu on your Smart TV.

Each plan has different offerings, but the plan that is needed to download your Hulu movies offline is the Hulu No Ads plan which is $12.00 per month. 

Download the Hulu App

Hulu has a user-friendly app that you can get for any Android or iPhone. You can log into your account and see all your favorite movies and shows in one place. This is one of the easiest ways to find movies and shows that are downloadable.

Open your Hulu app and go to the menubar. Tap the see what’s downloadable’ button. This will navigate you to a list of movies and shows that you can download and watch offline. You can skim through them and see which ones you prefer. 

Alternatively, you can search a movie or show by its title with the search function in Hulu. If this is one of the shows or movies that Hulu allows to be viewed offline, a download button will appear for your convenience.  

Download Limitations

While Hulu will enable you to watch movies while offline, it is essential to note that there are download limits. Hulu allows you to download up to 25 different shows or movies. This is a total for all devices you share your Hulu account with. If you download a movie on your iPad, that is one more minor title you can download on your Android mobile device

After a title is downloaded, you have 30 days to watch it. Keep in mind if you press the play button, a different timer will begin to countdown. Hulu will give you two days to finish watching the show or movie after hitting the play button. They allow you to renew it but only if the content is still available.

Troubleshooting Tips

Watching Hulu movies while offline is a fantastic technology afforded to us. It can be frustrating when it doesn’t work the way we intended. Some of the most common problems and fixes can be seen in the chart below.

It won’t let me download a particular movie or show.Check your Hulu subscription. If you only have the basic ad-supported $6.99/month version, you need to upgrade it to the $12.99/month version. 
I have Hulu No Ad, but I can’t download my movie or show.Not all titles are available for offline downloads. Try selecting a different show or movie.
My downloads are gone.Check to see if you are logged out of your account. Next, make sure the download limit has not been reached. If all else fails, try to download the title again.
It won’t finish downloading my show or movie.Downloads will stop or pause if you lose connection to the internet or the signal is too weak. Try connecting to a more robust connection or troubleshoot your internet.
I can only see some of my downloads.You can only watch a download on the same device you downloaded it onto. If you switch devices, you need to download the show or movie onto that device.

Sit Back and Relax

Now that you know that you can watch Hulu movies while offline, it’s time to pick up the remote to search for the perfect film. Make sure to hit the download button so you can enjoy the entire film without any interruption.

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