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Can You Wash Your Hands with Oura Ring On?

Last Updated May 16, 2022
washing hands with ring

A great way to help achieve your health goals is by keeping track of your health metrics. Oura is a smart ring that uses sensors to track your health data and generates daily activity, sleep quality, and readiness scores. You can wear the ring as hand jewelry, choose from three different colors, or adorn it with a diamond. But can you wash your hands with it on?

You can wash your hands with your Oura ring on since it is water-resistant. This stands up to approximately 330 ft of water in temperatures from 14°F to 129°F. However, you should not wear it while scuba diving or keep it underwater for over 12 hours.

You can also safely use hand sanitizer with the Oura ring. Since the inner molding of the ring is non-allergenic and non-metallic, it’s comfortable to wear 24/7. Read on to learn how to properly clean and care for your Oura ring, and more.

How to Clean Your Oura Ring

It is essential to clean the dust and dirt on your Oura ring that interferes with signals between the sensors and arteries on your finger. It would be best if you cleaned the infrared sensors in the interior of your ring once a week. 

Here’s how to clean your Oura ring:

  1. Wipe the small bumps on your Oura ring with a soft cloth, such as the inside of your t-shirt. 
  2. Clean it with a little mild dish soap.
  3. Rinse it with water.
  4. Ensure to dry your hands and ring thoroughly before wearing it.

You should remove your ring when scrubbing your hands and wash the ring separately.

How to Maintain Your Oura Ring

You now know how to clean your Oura ring, but how can you maintain it so it stays working for as long as possible?

The following precautions can help you maintain your Oura ring:

  • Avoid wearing the ring when friction may damage the ring. Friction occurs when doing strength training exercises, working with heavy tools, and carrying heavy objects made from stone, ceramics, or metal.
  • Avoid wearing the ring next to, below, or on top of other rings which may rub on it, causing scratching.
  • Consider wearing your Oura ring on your non-dominant hand to reduce contact with various surfaces that may be scratched by the ring, such as soft coatings on phone covers made of gold, silver, aluminum, or ceramic.
  • Do not puncture the ring or damage the battery.
  • Do not expose the Oura ring to extreme temperatures for a long time. The operating temperature ranges are from 14°F to 129°F, making it safe to wear it in hot tubs, saunas, and ice baths. Exposing the ring to temperatures outside of its ranges can damage the battery.

Now, let’s take a look at how to charge your Oura ring.

How to Charge Your Oura Ring

The Oura ring has a rechargeable 15mAh – 22mAh battery that is non-replaceable.

Follow these steps to charge your Oura ring:

  1. Connect the USB cord to the charger and plug it into a power source to begin charging.
  2. Place the ring on the charging block.
  3. The LED light will begin pulsing.
  4. If the LED does not light up, check that the cable is connected properly and the ring is positioned correctly with good contact with the charging dock.
  5. When the battery is full, the pulsing light stops. Additionally, you get a push notification once charging is complete.

Depending on the charge level, it can take 20-80 minutes to charge your Oura ring fully. You can check the battery level by tapping the ring on the right-hand corner of the Home tab.

A fully charged battery lasts between 4 and 7 days, depending on the age of your ring and how often you use daytime features, live features, and naps taken during the day. The ring uses more battery when actively collecting data from the LED and temperature sensors.

Charging Tips for Oura Ring

Now that you know how to charge your Oura ring, you may be wondering some things about its charging levels and when you should charge it.

Here are some charging tips for Oura Ring:

  • Keep your ring’s charge level above 40% to avoid damaging your battery. 
  • Enable the low battery notifications on the Oura app to remind you to charge your ring. 
  • Ensure that your battery level is at least 25% before bed. High charge levels ensure that you do not miss your sleep insights, including sleep or readiness score, breakdown of your sleep stages, respiratory rate, or heart rate variability.

Now you know everything about cleaning your hands while wearing your Oura Ring and maintaining it to keep it lasting as long as possible.


In conclusion, you can wash your hands with your Oura Ring on and even wash it with soap and water itself to maintain cleanliness. However, you shouldn’t scuba dive or keep the ring submerged underwater for long periods of time.

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