Can You Use Zoom On Fire HD 8?

A person using Zoom with 3 other peopleA person using Zoom with 3 other people

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Holding virtual meetings is no longer a myth, thanks to Zoom. The application has managed to set the standards very high, and in the process, cementing its position as the best virtual meetings app. However, there have been some inquiries on whether it’s possible to use Zoom on Fire HD 8 from Amazon, with many people giving conflicting answers.

Amazon Fire HD 8 is capable of supporting and running the Zoom application. It has a wider display than many phones and a better sound system for clearer audio. It’s also cheaper compared to other tablets and phones, and you can get the application on the Amazon Appstore.

That’s not all, as you still need to know why using Zoom on Fire HD 8 is great, where to get the application, and how to set up Fire HD 8 to use Zoom, which you will learn if you read on.

Does Amazon Fire HD 8 Support Zoom?

Zoom made holding virtual meetings and online classes very easy. That’s why it’s common to see the platform in almost every device capable of handling the application. Amazon Fire HD 8 is one of the devices capable of supporting the Zoom application. Although the device doesn’t support Google PlayStore or Appstore, it does support the default Amazon Appstore where you can get the app.

Why It’s Great to Use Zoom on Fire HD 8

Zoom works on Fire HD 8 the same way it does on other platforms. However, the Amazon tablet has the edge over other devices, especially smartphones, for several reasons:

  • A larger screen display – Forget about the 6-inch smartphone displays, as Fire HD has an impressive 8-inch screen that offers more room when video calling.
  • The HD quality – Video resolution is another selling point when using Fire HD 8 since you’ll get crystal clear video output without any struggle.
  • Clear audio – A video conference with lagging or unclear audio can be frustrating for anyone. Fire HD utilizes loud and clear speakers, making it easy to get the message through.
  • Cheaper than phones – To top it up, Fire HD 8 is very affordable compared to some smartphones, and it still offers high-end features only found in expensive smartphones.

Where Can You Get the Zoom Application for Fire HD 8?

Amazon Fire HD 8 doesn’t have a Google Play Store or Appstore support, leaving only the Amazon Appstore platform, where you can download and install the app. However, you need to check whether the app is compatible with the tablet’s system and whether it requires some updates.

Alternatively, you can download an APK file from a third party, but it’s not a recommended option, as this might expose you to malicious files and viruses. Hackers also embed malware with third-party apps, which they use to steal vital information from you.

How to set up Fire HD 8 for Zoom

In most cases, you’d have to download and install the Zoom app from the Amazon Appstore, but there are cases when this doesn’t go as planned. When you run into such a problem, you can follow these steps to ensure you install the app on the Fire HD 8 easily:

Check for Internal Space

Any app requires sufficient internal storage to install and utilize the device’s system. As such, it’s critical to check whether you have enough space and memory to hold the device. Anything above 100 MB would suffice. Checking for internal space is easy, as you only need to navigate to the Files folder, and you’ll see it indicated at the bottom.

Check for Compatibility

App compatibility is the biggest issue facing Fire HD 8 and Zoom. Not all Amazon Fire HD devices can support the Zoom app, and if you get one that is compatible, it has to do with the software version. Check if the version you have can support Zoom.

Update the Software and App

Amazon Fire HD 8 receives regular software updates with improved features. Ensure you enable Auto Update to ensure you get the latest software version when released. Also, it would help if you updated the app to install new features that might improve the app’s functionality.

Sign in or Register

Register for an account if you don’t have one, and if you do, make sure you sign in using the correct credentials. Also, make sure you set up a two-step authentication process to secure your account.

Set up a Password

If you’re planning to host any virtual meeting, it’s paramount to have a strong and secure password for the meeting itself in place to help you control the discussion and keep unwanted actors at bay.


Zoom is a popular app that enables you to hold virtual meetings and attend online classes. Amazon Fire HD 8 can support the app, but only if you download it from Amazon Appstore. You can also install from third-party providers, but this might be a risky move. Ensure you check for internal space and compatibility issues and update the software/app for better performance.

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