Can You Use Zoom on a Fire HD 10 Tablet?

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Zoom meetings have become so common within the past couple of years, being able to use Zoom almost anywhere is practically a requirement for any home or mobile office. You don’t have to have the perfect pants for a Zoom meeting, but you do need to have the right technology. So, can you use Zoom on a Fire HD 10 tablet?

You can absolutely use Zoom on a Fire HD 10 tablet. In fact, there are even a few different ways you can access and use Zoom on a Fire HD 10 tablet. Being able to Zoom with your Fire HD 10 tablet makes it much easier to bring your office with you wherever you go.

You officially have options when it comes to Zoom-compatible devices. It’s no longer 100% necessary to lug your laptop around with you wherever you go. If you’re ready to start using your Fire HD 10 tablet for Zoom, stick around. We have the answers to all your questions coming right up.

Using Your Fire HD 10 Tablet’s Browser to Access Zoom

The first option you have to use Zoom on your Fire HD 10 tablet is to access it using your internet browser. To do so, simply click your browser app and go to It is here that you will now be asked to log in, or you will be asked for a meeting ID.

All of this information will be in the invite for the Zoom meeting. For example, if you have someone that has set up an appointment for you to Zoom with them, they will send you an invite with the meeting ID information. Click on the link they sent to you and follow the prompts in your internet browser to join the meeting. You should be all set to Zoom from your Fire HD 10!

Accessing Zoom with the Zoom App

Accessing Zoom on the Zoom app is the preferred way to use Zoom on your Fire HD 10 tablet device. To do so, first, download the Zoom app in your app store. After the app is downloaded, it is now ready for use. You can create a login and follow the prompts in the app as necessary, from your Fire HD 10 tablet.

If someone sends you a Zoom meeting request and you click the link, it will now ask if you want to open in your browser or open in the Zoom app. Click to open it in the Zoom app after you have it installed on your tablet. You will now be taken directly to the app, and the information given by the meeting host will already be inserted for you.

Next, you will enter your full name or the name you want to be displayed for you near your video footage in the meeting. If this is a work meeting or professional video call, be sure to keep it professional, giving your full name. If it is a silly call or date with friends, you can give a nickname of choice. This can be changed later if needed.

Creating a Zoom Call on Your Fire HD 10 Tablet

Now, if you want to create your meeting or video call, access the Zoom app from your tablet. Follow the prompts to create a call and copy and paste the link given at the end. After you copy the meeting id or link, be sure to send it to all of the people you wish to join the Zoom meeting.

Now you will have your own link to be accessed for the specific meeting room. This room is now yours, and you are the meeting facilitator, as shown in the space. All of the people that are in the meeting will be able to access this room via your specific link provided and created.

If you have any issues with a link created or people are not able to join the room, simply create a new room or space in the Zoom app. This is also able to be done over your browser, however, it is always going to come up as a prompt to use the Zoom app instead.

This is because using the zoom app is universal as people can be using different browsers, and there can be communication issues. It is always recommended for you and your meeting personnel to download and make sure the app is accessible.

Final Thoughts

You are now ready to use and access Zoom for all video call needs on your Fire HD 10 device. This is very helpful to know as you do not need to use a desktop or laptop for conference calls, video chats, etc.

All of this can be accessed and utilized right on your tablet as needed and as necessary. You can just do everything on the Fire HD 10 tablet as you can on a laptop or other computer device. Just make sure you have an internet connection available, and you are good to go.

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