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Can You Use Wireless Headphones With Echelon?

Last Updated Mar 24, 2022
Wireless headphones

Echelon is one of the home gym products home fitness enthusiasts have looked to for connectivity. People looking to use their wireless headphones with an Echelon product might want to know if the Echelon line of products will support their wireless headphones.

As a whole, people are able to use their Bluetooth wireless headphones with any Echelon product that they have or want to buy. While each Echelon gym equipment has a different way of connecting to wireless headphones, they can all still be connected to a wireless headphone.

Seeing that you can connect your wireless headphone to an Echelon product, you might want to know how you would be able to connect that wireless headphone to the Echelon device. Keep reading for helpful advice on how to connect your wireless headphones to an Echelon device.

How Do I Connect Wireless Headphones to Echelon Reflect Products?

When working out using the Echelon Reflect, you might want to listen to the on-screen instructors using your wireless headphones for an easier listening experience.

With the Echelon Reflect coming in two different versions, a 50-inch touch screen version and a 40-inch version that requires the use of the Echelon Reflect app, there will be different ways to connect your wireless headphones to these Echelon products. So let us look at how you can connect your wireless headphones to either version of the Echelon Reflect.

How to Connect Wireless Headphones to Echelon Reflect Touchscreen

Getting your wireless headphones connected to the Echelon Reflect is pretty easy to do

With the Echelon touchscreen version, you can connect your wireless headphones by following these steps:

  1. Tap the “start workout” option
  2. Go over and tap the headphone icon while your headphones are in discover mode.
  3. The icon will change from white to red when the headphones are paired.

With the 40-inch model, you need to do the same steps using the Echelon Reflect app from your phone.

Are the other Echelon workout devices as easy to connect to with wireless headphones as the Reflect is? Keep reading on for the answer to this question.

How Do I Connect Wireless Headphones to Echelon with a Mounted Tablet?

Echelon has a wide range of gym equipment, from their Connect Bikes to their Smart Treadmills; they have all kinds of options for anyone looking to have their home gym.

With the knowledge that you can connect all Echelon equipment to wireless headphones, all that is left is finding out how to connect your wireless headphones to a mounted tablet on Echelon gym equipment. So how can you connect wireless headphones to the mounted tablet on Echelon gym equipment?

To connect, follow these steps:

  1. Set your headphones to discover mode while in an active session on the mounted tablet.
  2. While in discover mode, you will need to click the headphone icon on the mounted tablet during the session to pair the wireless headphones.
  3. When completed, the icon will change from white to red.

With everything covered on if you can connect Echelon equipment to wireless headphones and how to connect them, there is only one more thing to look at with Echelon equipment and wireless headphones. Keep reading if you want to learn about some troubleshooting tips for connecting wireless headphones.

Fixes for Connections Issues With Wireless Headphones on Echelon

Echelon gym equipment, so far, has been effortless to set up on wireless headphones, with straightforward instructions for connection. While the setup and connection have been easy, there can always be that one time that things go wrong with a device.

With the Echelon line of gym equipment, here are some quick tips for fixing any connection issues between the equipment and the wireless headset:

  • With Echelon equipment with mounted tablets, make sure your headphones aren’t connected to any other device. You can also go to previously connected devices in the options and then click on “forget” to erase the headphones so that you can reconnect them again.
  • To confirm your headphones are connected with the Echelon Reflect touchscreen model, you will need to tap the bottom-left corner of the screen, type 1085 for the passcode, and then go to Bluetooth in the settings menu.
  • Deleting and re-adding the wireless headphones is also just as easy for users of any Echelon home gym products. Echelon gym equipment seems to provide connectivity and ease of use for Bluetooth headphones.

Now you have learned everything about connecting your wireless headphones to your Echelon exercise bike.

Final Thoughts

For all the reasons given above, Echelon is easy to use with wireless headphones. With a brief setup process, you will soon have a top-notch listening experience to go along with your workout.

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