Can You Use Two Nest Hellos? Yes, Here’s How.

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From top grade motion detection/alert system to  facial recognition, it’s no surprise that you’d want not just one, but two Nest Hello doorbells. So can you use two Nest Hellos at the same time?

You can use two Nest Hellos at the same time by wiring them. 

Keep reading to know how this would be possible for you to do. 

How Do You Wire Two Nest Doorbells?

Before you try to make two Nest doorbells work, it is important to check whether your transformer is compatible or not by checking the voltage rate. 

Check the Transformer Compatibility

You will find a label on the body of your transformer, which tells you the voltage rating. The compatible voltage range is between 16 to 24 V AC. If  your voltage rating does not fit into this range, then your transformer is not compatible with your doorbell. 

However, you can upgrade your transformer to required specifications by contacting a qualified electrician to help you upgrade it.

After checking the voltage rate of your transformer, check your doorbell chime. It will have different terminals labeled ‘Front’, ‘Rear’, and ‘Trans’. ‘Front’ terminal stands for the front doorbell, ‘Rear’ terminal stands for the back doorbell, and ‘Trans’ terminal stands for the transformer.

Connect Your Nest Hellos

Having checked your transformer compatibility and chime terminals, you can follow this procedure to connect your second doorbell to the chime:

  1. Change the front or rear terminal for the second doorbell you are going to connect
  2.  Disconnect the wire, straighten it and trim to see a quarter of the bare wire
  3. Next, insert the wire into the clip on the chime labeled front or rear, depending on your choice of doorbell you are going to connect
  4. Going further, disconnect the ‘trans’ wire from the trans terminal on the chime
  5.  Straighten and trim the wire so that you see a quarter of the bare wire
  6. Next, pinch the plastic clip and insert the wire into the clip on the chime connector’s gray wire
  7. Be sure to secure both the ‘front’ or ‘rear’ wire and the ‘trans’ wire in place. 

There! You have installed more than one nest hello doorbell. Make sure your very essential chime connector is located high up on the wall. If you’d like to learn more about Nest, check out this article.

I’m sure you are wondering how essential your chime connector is. Keep reading to find out.

Do You Need Your Nest Hello Chime Connector?

 Another question that comes to the mind of nest hello users is if usage of nest hello chime connector is needed for every installation. Well, every wired Nest Doorbell must be installed with the chime connector included in the box. However,  this is not the case for battery powered nest hello doorbells as there is no need for the chime connector for battery Nest Doorbells.

What Does the Nest Chime Connector Do?

The chime connector is a vital accessory that aids wired nest doorbell installation. It aids chime’s wires to deliver constant power to the wired Nest Doorbell. It not only  protects the chime from damage, but also reduces chime buzzing. However, it is useless for battery Nest hello doorbells.

The chime connector also  connects your Video Doorbell Pro to your doorbell so that it will chime when rung. However, there is a hitch to that. The use of a chime connector has to do with circuitry compatibility. As such, not everyone will need a chime connector.

When Will I Need a Chime Connector?

Instances where a chime connector may be necessary include if:

  • The Video Doorbell Pro doesn’t ring your chime, but the live stream video and other features still work. You could also hear a constant buzzing sound from the chime
  • The chime only dings or has any other unusual behavior

Asides the chime connector, there’s another important component you’ll find handy when installing your nest hello. Your Nest Hello Extension Wires. See below how to use them.

How Do You Use Nest Hello Extension Wires?

Nest hello extension wires are always included in the nest hello Doorbells’ box. Their main function is to help extend the chime’s terminal wires, when connecting from chime connector terminals to Nest hello doorbell. This happens if the terminal wires are not long enough.


Nest hello doorbells offer a lot of aesthetic options, with quite a number of juicy features. This has brought an influx of users, who want to use more than one of the doorbells at same time. But, up until now, installation of multiple nest hello doorbells, has really been clear. 

Luckily, this article has exposed users to a very easy method to install and use two nest hello Doorbells at same time. Now you can design your rear and front doors with nest hello doorbells.

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