Can You Use the Fire TV Cube Without a Remote?

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The latest generation Fire TV Cube comes with a remote that you can use during the set-up process with your smart TV. But beyond this, you may be wondering you can use the Fire TV Cube without the remote at all, especially if you happen to misplace it over time.

You can use your Fire TV Cube without a remote once you’re done setting it up. By downloading the Fire TV app, you can use your smartphone to change the channel, make selections, and turn up the volume. If you have the second-generation Fire TV Cube, you can also make selections using voice commands.

Continue reading to learn more about using your Fire TV Cube without a remote. Note that the following instructions apply even if you have the latest generation of the Fire TV Cube.

Do I Need a Remote to Operate My Fire TV Cube?

If you purchased a second-generation Fire TV Cube, you don’t need the remote for basic day-to-day functions. However, you need it for the setup process. You need it to:

  • Choose your Wi-Fi network
  • Enter your Wi-Fi credentials
  • Affirm your selections
  • Agree to Amazon’s Terms and Conditions (if prompted)  

If you try to set up your device without a remote, you’ll get one screen that asks you to select your network. However, you cannot use voice commands to do this. You need the remote––or the Fire TV app on your phone.

How to Use Your Fire TV Cube Without a Remote

To use your Fire TV Cube without a remote, you can use the Fire TV app—or voice commands if you own the second-generation Fire TV Cube.

Controlling Fire TV Cube with the Fire TV App

Start by downloading the Fire TV app. It’s free in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store and is compatible with iOS 11 and most Android phones.

After downloading the app, make sure your Fire TV Cube and phone are on the same Wi-Fi network. From there:

  1. Open the Fire TV app on your phone.
  2. Select your Fire TV Cube from the screen.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions.

Now, you can use your smartphone as a remote. You can make selections by tapping the buttons on the screen or holding down on the microphone and giving voice commands.

What if the Fire TV App Won’t Work as a Remote? 

If you tried the instructions above with no success, there could be a few reasons why it didn’t work. To address the problem, you should try the following steps:

Reset Your Phone and Fire TV Cube

First, try resetting your phone. The instructions largely depend on what device you have, as there are different ways to reset Android and iPhones. From there, reset your Fire TV Cube by holding down on the mute and volume down buttons for ten seconds.

Once you’ve reset your Fire TV Cube, it’s been restored to factory default settings. Proceed with the set-up process as though you’re installing it for the first time. You may need to re-enter your Wi-Fi information to use the smartphone app.

Update Your Phone

If your phone isn’t using the latest software version, its apps won’t use the latest app versions.

Checking for updates depends on whether you have an Android or iPhone. For Android, users you can check the Google Play Store. For iPhone users, users should check the App Store.

If your phone is “outdated” (meaning it can’t upgrade to the latest version), try using another device, like your tablet. You can’t use your laptop to power your Amazon Fire TV Cube unless you somehow “hack” the device.

Move Closer to the Fire TV Cube

When using your phone as a remote, you must be within 30 feet of the Amazon Fire TV Cube. If you’re too far away, the two devices won’t “talk” to each other. You might consider relocating your Fire TV Cube or moving closer to it.

You can purchase third-party micro-USB chargers and HDMI cables to extend your Fire Cube’s reach. After all, the cords it comes with are less than two feet long.

Buy a New Fire TV Cube Remote

If your Fire TV Cube’s remote stopped working (or you lost it), you can purchase a replacement online. Right now, on-brand replacement remotes go for about $30. However, if you forgo the voice command feature, you can purchase an off-brand Fire TV remote for half the price.

Using Voice Commands with the Fire TV Cube

Amazon released its first Fire TV Cube in June 2018. Shortly afterward, Amazon released its second (and newest) Fire TV Cube. Now, without holding down on the remote’s microphone, you can use voice commands to pretty much do anything.

You can give commands by using the “wake word.” For instance, you can say: “Alexa, play ‘King of the Hill’ on Hulu,” and your Fire TV Cube will find that program on your preferred streaming platform. You can even change the wake word based on your preferences. Click here to learn more.

In Summary

While you can use a Fire TV Cube without the remote, you need it for the initial set-up process. However, you can use the Fire TV app to install your device. For more information about operating your Fire TV Cube, check out Amazon’s community forum.

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