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Can You Use TCL TV Without Roku

Last Updated Jul 13, 2022
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The Roku platform has been an epicenter of non-stop entertainment providing a vast number of contents from a long list of streaming platforms and channels. To get access to the full potential of the Roku platform, you will need to create or log in to a Roku account. 

In most cases, it’s 100% possible to use a TCL Smart TV without a Roku account. During the initial setup on your TCL Smart TV, there is the option to either use or disable the Roku features for a more user-controlled view.

Indeed on several occasions, there should be users who desire to use the TCL Smart TV without Roku. In other words, use it as a regular TV. Read on to get the answers to your questions. 

Can I Use a TCL TV Without a Roku Account?

Is it necessary to create or log in to the Roku account? For those who love the idea of streaming through thousands of contents from a range of channels and streaming services, you are encouraged to proceed with unlocking the full potential of your TCL Roku TV.

You can use your TCL TV without Roku by disabling it when the option pops up during setup.

To know more about how to disable the Roku Features and use your TCL Smart Tv without a Roku Account, proceed with the instructions below. 

How To Disable The Roku Features On TCL Roku Smart TV

For new users, simply follow the steps below. Meanwhile, if Roku has been already installed and activated on your TCL Smart TV, a system reset would be required before you proceed. The process of deactivating the Roku features on your TCL Smart TV is easy to perform and does not require the assistance of a technical expert. 

To proceed with this setup, you’ll need the Roku remote for the TCL Smart TV to navigate the menu options:

  1. Click on the right arrow button on the “Let’s Get Started” screen.
  2. Select “Setup For Home Use”, and press ok. The “Choose Your Network” screen will appear. 
  3. Select the “Connect to The Internet Later” option, and press “ok”. The “Connected Devices” message box will appear. 
  4. Plugin the external device you want to use on your TV. 
  5. Select “Everything is plugged in and turned on” if you have done the step above. Else, select “Do This later”.
  6. Immediately the steps are completed, you shall automatically be directed to the “Home Screen”.

Only connected devices such as cable boxes, DVD Player, external storage devices, etc will be displayed as viewing options on the HOME SCREEN. If the steps below do not solve your problem, kindly visit customer Services for either assistance or replacement. 

How To Watch Local Live Stations On Your TCL Roku Smart TV Without A Roku Account 

For those experts in the art of cutting cables. Questions like if watching local Live stations without a Roku account is possible, and how to get it operational should have come up in your thoughts. There are alternatives to cable TV that offer stations broadcasting sporting events, local that can contend with what you can get on cable TV.

Below are ways to watch local channels on your TCL Smart TV without cable:

Live TV Streaming Service AKA Skinny Bundles

Live TV Streaming Service is a paid TV solution that streams over the Internet. The local network channels and live TV networks are the same on cable. The only difference is the way they are delivered to your screen. These services offer smaller channel bundles hence where the tag “Skinny bundles” is coined from. 

Although the Live TV streaming platforms are still in their infancy compared to the cable entities, they also have a lineup of competition between them. Here is a list of Live TV streaming services you can choose from:

  • FuboTV
  • YouTube Tv
  • PlayStation Vue
  • Hulu With Live TV
  • Sling TV
  • DirecTV

If you would like to learn more about TCL TVs, check out this article.

Free Over The Air TV

Ultimately the oldest version of television broadcasting, there is nothing old about the backbone of modern-day OTA TV. These types of TV service providers often have their specialized transmitters which means that there is a possibility of getting your favorite local channels on Free Over the Air. 

All you need is an antenna to have access to local news, NFL football, etc. With the right antenna, you can watch HD feeds from four major local networks including all available local networks such as PBS.

Possible to replicate the DVR features offered on the cable and satellite platforms? Indeed, you can. All you need is an OTA DVR which allows you to record and watch OTA broadcasts. You can rewatch the recorded broadcasts over your local network using an app. Roku TCL Smart TV owners have no problem with this. OTA DVRs such as Tablo have apps available on the Roku platform.

Honorable Mentions

Live Tv Streaming services and Free Over the Air are the two best options for delivering a wide range of local content. 

Yet, there are some services worth mentioning due to their local network coverage and offerings:

  • NewsON
  • CBS All Access
  • Plex

Now you know other streaming services you can use with your TCL TV.


There are plenty of ways to watch live TV on your TCL Roku Smart TV. The Roku Operating System keeps everything organized for a premium view that’s why it’s top-notch to cable subscribers and cord-cutters alike. So, Yes! You can indeed use TCL TV without your Roku access.

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