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Can You Use Ring Spotlight Cam Indoors? (Plus Alternatives to Use)

Last Updated Aug 8, 2021
Left side of a Ring spotlight camera.
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The Ring Spotlight Cam is an all-in-one camera that provides you with always-on, wired security for your property. With features including the ability to watch, listen and converse with those around your home, this device will give you peace of mind along with convenience, but you might be wondering if you can use this versatile device inside of your home as well as outside.

The Ring Spotlight Cam is designed to be used anywhere there is an available power source; therefore, if you have an outlet available, you can use the Ring Spotlight Cam for any room in the house as well as outside.

When many people think about a security camera, they think about monitoring the outside of a property. However, many situations would make having an indoor camera available for your home a wise decision. Keep reading to learn about how you can make the Ring Spotlight Cam work for you in this way, as well as alternative cameras you can consider.

How to Connect Ring Spotlight Cam for Indoor Use

In today’s busy world, you may be looking for a way to connect a security camera for indoor surveillance. You want to make sure that you connect a camera that provides security while protecting you, your family, and any guests’ privacy. Perhaps you have a garage you wish to monitor in real-time, or you wish to keep an eye on your pets when you are out of the house. By installing this device, you can add this benefit to your home security with the Ring Spotlight Cam.

  1. Before installing your new Ring Spotlight Cam, you will need to link it to the Ring app. The full linking process can be found here.
  2. Next, you will need to select the location for your installation. While the optimum height profile is 9 feet above the ground to detect motion at a 30 feet distance, you may need to adjust if your inside installation site does not have this height profile available.
  3. You will now install the mounting bracket. The kit includes a level to ensure the camera is installed properly.
  4. After connecting and securing the cable with the provided mounting bracket and cable securing clips, it is time to position the camera.
  5. Using the app to view the camera’s viewpoint, adjust the angle to your desired preference. Your camera is now installed and ready to begin monitoring.
  6. Users often inquire if they can manually control the spotlight ability. In the app, the lights on and off control provide you with this option. By default, the lights will come on automatically when motion is detected. Using this camera indoors makes this a helpful feature.

Alternative Cameras for Indoor Monitoring

For some users, the Ring Spotlight Cam might be a bit robust and best used outdoors. Considering its spotlight and other integrated features that can best be utilized outdoors, you might seek out other indoor cams.

There are several high-quality alternatives you can consider using indoors; let us look at some of the top choices for you by comparing features that will enhance your home security:

 Wyze Cam v3Ring Indoor CamEufy Security Solo Indoor Cam
HD Video OutputXXX
Two Way AudioXXX
Works with AlexaXXX
Color Night VisionX  
Wireless Connection XX
Built-in AI to Detect Human or Pet Activity  X

With a wide selection of indoor cameras available, taking the time to look at the many options available can sometimes make it a difficult choice. Often, the cost can be a major factor in your decision. The pricing for the cameras featured can vary widely, and there are added accessories for some that can also increase the price.

  • The Ring Outdoor Cam is the highest-priced offering. While it might be worth the effort to wait for seasonal sales or other offers, this camera will set you back with its higher initial cost. Also, add-ons, including solar panels and ceiling and wall mounts, can add to the overall cost.
  • The Wyze Cam is surprisingly well-priced, considering the features that are included. There are available bundles with a base station to help complete your camera setup.
  • The Ring Indoor Cam is slightly higher in price than the Wyze Cam, but there are bundles available that can pair the Ring Doorbell, making your cam set up more complete.
  • The Eufy Security Solo Indoor Cam is the most economical setup. With the addition of an SD card, this camera can provide you with quality recordings at a reasonable price.


The Ring Spotlight Cam certainly can be used indoors, but with other cameras on the market, you can seek an alternative at a better price point. If you do choose to install it indoors, it will provide you with quality security coverage.

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