Can You Use Nanit Without a Subscription?

nanit plus baby monitor with 2 smart phonesnanit plus baby monitor with 2 smart phones

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Nanit baby monitor cameras offer many great features that allow you to monitor your baby anytime they’re in their crib or bedroom. Like other smart cameras, Nanit offers a subscription through Insight so you can take advantage of additional features, but can you still use the camera without a subscription at all?

Users can continue to use some of Nanit’s basic features without a subscription, including the nightlight, video feed sharing, live stream, and collaborating with other users under the same account. However, additional features will be unavailable unless you purchase a subscription.

You might still have some questions about the Nanit camera’s features and how to use them without an Insight subscription. Don’t worry; we will go over all the details in this article. We will also discuss the extra features you can access when you do pay for a subscription.

What Features Can I Use Without a Nanit Subscription?

The Nanit subscription (Insight) is not needed to access the basic features of Nanit cameras. If you choose not to get the subscription, you will still be able to use the following features:

  • Nanit’s nightlight
  • Share your video feed with up to two people
  • Collaborate with other users on your account to track sleep cycles and suggest tips
  • Use the camera through the app whenever you have internet
  • See a live stream from your smart device

However, despite being able to use many of the camera’s features, you won’t be able to do any of the following:

  • Review ongoing sleep analytics
  • Access your baby’s sleep summaries or trends
  • See your baby’s weekly and monthly sleeping highlights
  • Save videos and pictures for later
  • Invite more members to see the camera or video footage

Many people choose to get one of the Insight subscription plans because they want access to video and photos from previous days and weeks. They also want to be able to share the video footage with more people, such as relatives and babysitters.

You can activate your Nanit Insight account or buy the subscription at any time. You can also pay month-to-month for the subscription and cancel any time if you decide you don’t need it.

What Comes with the Nanit Subscription?

When you buy the Nanit Pro or the Nanit Plus, you will get a one-year free subscription to Nanit Insights. You can try the features and see if you like them and would use them enough to renew the subscription for a price.

The basic Nanit Insight subscription gives you the following features:

  • Sleep tracking and analysis
  • Personalized sleep tips
  • Saved video history
  • Time-lapse sleep summaries
  • Weekly age-based comparison
  • Real-time activity feed
  • Sleep dashboard
  • Breathing motion activity (if you also have the Nanit breathing wear)

You will be able to have access to all saved media for two days after it was first captured. After your free one-year ends, you will be able to renew the subscription for $5 a month or $50 per year.

After one year, you can also upgrade to the Insights Premium subscription or the Insights Unlimited subscription. Here are some of the features you get with the different upgraded Insight subscriptions:

 Insights PremiumInsights Unlimited
StorageSave up to 200 photos or videosSave unlimited media
Member InvitesInvite up to 10 members to view your cameraInvite up to 50 members to view the camera
Sleep HistorySee the last 30 days of your baby sleepingSee unlimited days of your sleeping baby
Video HistorySee all your saved videos for 30 daysUnlimited access to all your media
Price$100/year or $10/month$300/year or $30/month

Both subscriptions let you see a broader collection of images and videos of your baby when they are sleeping and allows you have access to the sleeping dashboard to compare their sleeping patterns. You will also get a weekly email summarizing your baby’s sleep patterns and schedules.

As a bonus, the subscriptions give you access to research studies to compare and see if your little one’s sleeping habits are normal. You also have access to sleep graphs and tips to improve your baby’s sleeping.

Final Thoughts

The Nanit Insight subscription is not needed to use the Nanit Pro or the Nanit Plus. You will still have access to all live video streaming, be able to share the camera feed with two members, and use the nightlight. However, you won’t be able to store the videos for later or access any sleep trends and tips that come with the subscription plans.

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