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Can You Use Luna Controller on Xbox?

Last Updated Jul 29, 2022
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The Luna Controller is stylistically similar to Xbox controllers. This might make any curious gamer wonder if you can use it on Xbox consoles.

Luna controller is not compatible with Xbox consoles. This is because the controller only works on devices that can access the Luna cloud gaming service.

In this piece, we will discuss how to set up a new Luna controller and how to connect it to any compatible device.

Luna Controller Compatibility With Xbox

The main function of the Luna Controller is to play games on the Luna cloud gaming platform. However, you can also use the controller to play offline games on compatible devices like some Android devices, PCs, Macs, and Fire TVs via Bluetooth and USB.

The Luna Controller doesn’t work on Xbox. This is not surprising as Xbox isn’t part of the devices you can use to access Luna cloud gaming. And as the controller can not be used like regular Bluetooth gamepads, there is no way to use it on an Xbox.

How to Set Up Luna Controller

When you first acquire a Luna controller, you have to set up the device before you can enjoy playing games on Luna. To set it up,

  • Download the Luna controller app on your mobile device.
  • Power on the controller by installing the AA batteries and pressing the home button for three seconds. An orange light around the button will give you the signal that it is powered on.
  • Open the Luna controller app and follow the on-screen instructions to set up the controller.

After setting it up on the app, you can then connect to wifi to access the cloud. One wonderful feature of the Luna controller is that after set up, the device automatically connects to the cloud every time you power it on. It also automatically detects any game you are playing on the cloud.

How to Connect Luna Controller to a Device

There are three ways to connect your Luna controller to whatever device you want to play on. The first is by connecting using Cloud directly via wifi, the second is by Bluetooth, and the third is by using a USB-C cable.

Connect via Cloud Direct

This is the best and standard way of connecting a Luna controller to any device. It works on all compatible devices and functions by the controller connecting to the Amazon Luna cloud platform. This method eliminates the roundtrip that comes from connecting the controller to the device itself.

Here are some pros of using Cloud Direct:

  • It has a very low latency: This is the main plus of using cloud direct. Amazon claims that it reduces roundtrip latency by 17 to 30 milliseconds. This difference is very obvious when you compare it to a Bluetooth connection.
  • The controller automatically detects your gaming: Another benefit of using cloud direct is that you don’t have to connect your controller to the device you are using to play. You only have to power on the controller and select it as the controller option when you want to play.

Both features make Cloud Direct the fastest and most convenient way of playing games with the Luna controller.

Connect Via Bluetooth

This option allows you to play games off the Luna cloud. It works on Macs, PCs, Android phones and Fire TVs. To connect via Bluetooth,

  • To connect the Luna controller to your Mac through Bluetooth, set the controller to discoverable. To do this, hold down the action button located on the left of the Amazon Luna home button and the B button simultaneously. After a few seconds, the home button will show a faint teal ring of light that will signify that it is ready to connect to Bluetooth.
  • Put on the Bluetooth on the other device and search for available devices. Select the Luna controller and pair both devices.

Note that before you can use the Luna controller to play over Bluetooth on a PC, you have to download and install the Luna hardware driver.

Connect Via USB-C

Another way you can connect your Luna controller to the device you want to play with is by using a data-supported USB-C cable. The process of doing this is quite simple, as you just have to plug the required ends of the cable into the controller and the device, respectively. This feature only works with Macs, PCs and some Android devices.

The one real benefit of connecting using USB-C is that you won’t run through batteries at the rate you would when using a wireless connection. However, this would be sacrificing all the benefits of a wireless connection.

What Can You Use a Luna Controller for?

As you can not use the Luna controller as a third-party wireless controller on Xbox or even PS4, you might as well wonder what the controller is useful for outside using it on cloud direct. Outside the main use of playing games on cloud direct, you can also connect Luna controllers to compatible devices via Bluetooth and USB-C cable.

Additionally, the controller allows you to play games offline by using Bluetooth and a USB connection. However, this feature only works with certain devices like PCs, Macs, and some Android devices.


Luna controller doesn’t support connecting with Xbox. As Luna can not be accessed on Xbox and you can’t use Luna controllers like regular wireless gamepads, there is no way you can connect both devices.

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