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Can You Use Luna Controller on a PC?

Last Updated Jul 29, 2022
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The Luna Controller was made for Amazon’s Luna cloud gaming service. However, you still need to connect it to a streaming device like a mobile or even a Fire TV. Of course, some people use PCs for gaming offline, so you might wonder if you can use the controller on your PC.

You can use a Luna Controller on a PC to play games on the Luna cloud. With the Luna drivers installed on your PC, you can also use the controller to play a wide variety of games off the Luna cloud service.

There are three ways you can connect your Luna controller to a PC, and we will discuss these in detail while looking at the pros and cons of each.

Can You Use a Luna Controller with a PC?

The Luna Controller works with any device that can access the Luna cloud gaming service. While you can play games on Luna cloud on your PC without Luna Controller, using the controller gives you the added benefits of reduced latency and more convenience while gaming. You can also use a Luna controller to play games off the Luna cloud on your PC by connecting them through Bluetooth or USB.

How to Connect your Luna controller to a PC

You can connect your Luna Controller to your PC in a few different ways. These are by using cloud direct, Bluetooth or USB. Each method has its advantages and downsides, and we will look at all of these.

Connecting Through Cloud Direct

This is the main and optimal way to connect a Luna controller to any device, and a PC is no exception. The method connects to the Amazon Luna platform via WiFi.

To do this, visit the Luna platform on your PC and select the Luna controller as the controller option.

Benefits Of Connecting With Cloud Direct

  • It has extremely low latency: Amazon has designed the cloud direct feature to have the lowest possible latency. This makes for a brilliant gaming experience
  • You can change the streaming device easily: This is another great advantage of using cloud direct to connect your PC to the Luna controller. This works because by using cloud direct, you connect the controller to the Amazon servers rather than the PC you use as a medium. You can therefore switch from your PC to, say, a Fire TV at any time.

Downsides Of Connecting With Cloud Direct

  • There is a risk in cases of network interference: This is the major issue with the Cloud direct method. While it is very fast, a slight issue with the WiFi network can lead to disconnection.
  • It runs through the controller batteries quickly: Bandwidth usage is one of the things that eat up batteries most, even on mobile devices. Therefore, it is not surprising that using a WiFi connection to the game will make your controller batteries run out very quickly.

Connecting via Bluetooth

To use Luna through Bluetooth on a PC, you need to have the hardware driver installed on your PC. You can find the package on the Amazon Luna drive website.

Before you can connect them, you have to set the controller to discoverable. To do this, hold down the action button located on the left of the Amazon Luna home button and the B button simultaneously.

After a few seconds, the home button will show a faint teal ring of light that will signify that it is ready to connect to Bluetooth. You can then put on the Bluetooth on your computer and pair the two devices.

Benefits of Connecting Via Bluetooth

The benefit of using Bluetooth for offline connection is that it offers a longer range and more movement while gaming than a USB connection.

Downsides of Connecting With Bluetooth

The only real downside of using Bluetooth is that it is not as fast as cloud direct. As Bluetooth technology isn’t made for high-speed gaming, connecting your Luna controller to a PC via Bluetooth might not give you the best gaming experience compared to WiFi direct. This is especially important with games that require a quick response.

Connecting via USB

The USB used for this is a type-C USB. This is not included in the Luna controller box when you buy it. However, you can use any USB-C cable you lay your hands on. Connection is not difficult, as you only have to plug in the cable in the USB ports of both the controller and the PC.

Benefits Of Connecting With USB

  • It is more stable than other options: With a wired connection like USB, there is far less chance of network interference.
  • It reduces the need for batteries: As connecting the controller to the PC via cable transfers power from the PC to the controller, the battery is not used when you follow this method. This makes your battery last for as long as possible.

These make the USB very good for offline gaming.

Downsides Of Connecting With USB

The only downside of using USB to connect your PC to the Luna controller is that your movement while the length of the cable will restrict gaming.


You can enjoy the Luna cloud gaming service on your PC by connecting the computer to a cloud gaming service. You can connect by using WiFi with cloud direct, Bluetooth, or USB. You can play games offline with a Luna controller with the latter two options.