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Can You Use Libby on Kindle Oasis?

Last Updated May 12, 2022

The Kindle Oasis is Amazon’s best 300 pixels per inch Paperwhite display. It gives readers an amazing experience for reading electronic books. Libby is an app used by many public libraries to be able to check out e-books to patrons for use on their electronic devices, including Oasis.

As a general rule, Kindle e-book readers will allow you to read books borrowed from libraries. This means that books that you borrow using the Libby app will load onto a Kindle Oasis e-book reader for you to read.

You need to consider many things when looking at using Libby to borrow and read e-books from your local library. Keep reading to find out how to load books from Libby onto your Oasis, as well as some alternatives to the app.

How Can You Install Libby Books on the Kindle Oasis?

Before using the Libby app for free e-books, you must secure a library card and account from your public library. This is easy and free and will let you be able to borrow e-books as well as physical books and, in some cases, video games. Once you have a library card, you are ready to download the Libby app.

You have obtained a library card, have login information, and have downloaded the Libby app. Now what?

Here are the steps to perform in order to use Libby on Kindle Oasis:

  • Sign in: The first thing you must do after downloading the Libby app is to sign in. Follow the prompts on the app to find your library, and then sign in with your library card.
  • Browse your library’s catalog: Public libraries pick and choose which e-books they will purchase to be available to their patrons. Not every e-book ever created is available to every library and every patron. Search on Libby for the e-books you might want to read that are available through your library. You may have to patiently wait on a queue for some of the more recent or popular books to become available to you.
  • Your bookshelf: Once you have borrowed a title from your library on Libby, it will appear on your “Shelf.” The icon for the shelf looks like a stack of books. For the titles that you want to read on your Kindle Oasis, tap “Loans” in the shelf area, tap “Read With” next to the title you would like to read, choose to read the book on Kindle, then finish sending the book to Kindle. Libby will prompt you to log in with your Amazon account, so sign in using your Amazon username and password.
  • Sending to your Oasis: Once you are logged in to your Amazon account through the Libby app, you will see the title along with some other options. If you have more than one Kindle, make sure and use the drop-down menu to select the Kindle or Oasis you would like to send the book to. Once you have chosen your Kindle, click the “Get Library Book” button on the right side of the screen above where you just chose your Kindle.
  • On your Oasis device: At this point, you have borrowed a book from your public library on the Libby app and set it to be sent to your Oasis. In most cases, your borrowed book will appear on your Kindle’s home page very quickly, assuming your Oasis is connected to the Internet. You can tap on the title to start reading right away.

The Libby app is available both in the App Store for Apple and in the Play Store for Google and Android devices. This will allow you to search for and borrow books on just about any device you use. The only problem you will experience is that there is no browser-based version of Libby to explore.

Alternatives to Libby

Really, there are no alternatives to Libby for the Kindle Oasis. One alternative, especially if you do not have a public library near you, is to use the Prime Reading library. That requires a subscription to Amazon Prime but gives you access to over a thousand books, magazines, comics, etc. This is a great option for people already subscribed to Prime, but it does not include all the hottest new books; it is more of an option to find new books you might not find otherwise.

The only other real alternative to Libby for free books on your Kindle is called Project Gutenberg. This project provides free (in the public domain) e-books for you to download for your Kindle. The big problem here is that you have to “side load” the e-books, which is more challenging than just having Libby electronically transfer the book to your Kindle for you. Again, these books are public domain books, so they’re quite a few years old and might not be formatted perfectly for your Oasis.


The Kindle Oasis is a serious e-book reader for serious readers. Libby gives you the chance to read all of the latest e-book titles for free on your Oasis with a public library card. You may have to wait a little bit for hot new titles, but Libby could save you a great deal of money if you read several e-books every year.

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