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Can You Use Headphones With The Kindle Oasis?

Last Updated May 6, 2022

Getting a new Kindle Oasis in the mail is super exciting, especially if you are extremely into reading. Its sleek design, auto-brightness adjusting capabilities, and lightweight make it easy to carry and use no matter where you go. If you prefer to listen to an audiobook on the Kindle Oasis, you may begin to wonder, can you use headphones with the Kindle Oasis?

You can only use Bluetooth headphones with the Kindle Oasis. Amazon has recently released an update that provides the Kindle Oasis with this Bluetooth functionality. The Kindle does not have an output speaker or audio jack, so you can’t connect wired headphones.

Before you run out and buy the first pair of headphones you see, it’s important to get all the details about the Kindle Oasis and its headphone capabilities. Only then will you be prepared to order a new set on Amazon. Read on to find out answers to popular headphone questions related to the Kindle Oasis.

How to Connect Headphones to the Kindle Oasis

To listen to an audiobook on the Kindle Oasis, you must connect a pair of Bluetooth headphones. The Kindle Oasis doesn’t have a speaker, so no sound will emit from the Kindle without a set of Bluetooth earbuds. Once you’ve configured the Bluetooth device for pairing, follow the instructions included in the box for the headphones. Then on your Kindle Oasis:

  1. Access “Quick Actions” from the toolbar button.
  2. Tap “All Settings,” and you will be able to see all settings.
  3. Enable the Bluetooth feature by tapping “Bluetooth Devices.”
  4. Find the headphones you want to pair and tap it.
  5. A connection can be established by tapping “Connect.”

The device will be shown as connected after tapping “Connect.” Once the headphones have been connected, the user can navigate to the audiobook they wish to listen to and turn it on. If the device has been paired correctly, they should be able to hear the song through the headphones. 

How to Listen to a Kindle Audiobook

Suppose you have never used the  Kindle Oasis to listen to an audiobook before; you may not be familiar with the process. Although it is similar to opening an app on a smartphone, it still may not be as intuitive as a user would prefer. Follow these steps to learn how to listen to an audiobook on the Kindle:

  1. Navigate to the Kindle Library app on the Kindle Oasis or the other type of e-reader you own.
  2. Look for a screen at the bottom that says ‘Audible Narration.’ When you find it, select the screen in the reveal tray.
  3. Tap on the ‘Tap to Download’ button to ensure it is loaded onto your Kindle.
  4. If this is already downloaded, then open it up, the book you are reading should go into audio mode. 
  5. Press the play button.
  6. The audiobook should begin to be read aloud to you. As the words are read aloud, the screen will highlight them so that the user can follow along to see the book’s progress.
  7. You can pause the read-aloud function if you need to stop by selecting the pause button. When you are ready to go again, just press play again.

Listening to an audiobook is made simple with the new functionality loaded onto the Kindle Oasis. Many users who are visually impaired also find this function beneficial. They can enjoy their books on an affordable, small, and convenient e-reader. A larger companion e-reader is unnecessary and won’t take up as much space.

Bluetooth Stopped Working, Now What?

It can be super upsetting if you are listening to an audiobook on the Kindle, and then suddenly, it stops working. What if it was smack in the middle of the best part? Right during an epic cliffhanger? It is super frustrating, but there are ways to troubleshoot this to get it back up to snuff. Here are some things to try:

  • Ensure that Bluetooth is turned on. Sometimes this setting can be switched off which causes frustration. Simply go into the system settings, go to Bluetooth, and tap Bluetooth On. The functionality should come back.
  • Get a little closer. It is easy to forget that we are paired to a device to enable listening capabilities when using wireless headphones. It is easy to wander off and complete a task. If the Bluetooth connection and signal are stretched too far, it can stop working. Go closer to the device to see if it starts back up.
  • Reboot the Kindle. Sometimes software just crashes because it is overworked and overwhelmed. A simple way to fix this problem is to restart the Kindle Oasis. Simply power the device off, wait about five minutes, and then power it back on. Hopefully, the Bluetooth functionality will begin to work properly once more.

Enjoy The Audiobook

Now that you are connected and ready to listen, sit back and enjoy the new book. The Kindle store has thousands of books to choose from and hundreds more released each day. The Kindle Oasis is a great option for any audiobook lover to get their fill of a good story.

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