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Can You Use Element TV Without Roku?

Last Updated Mar 23, 2022

An Element TV is a smart TV designed specifically to work with a Roku-based platform. However, if you don’t have a Roku remote or want to use the Element TV without it, you’ll have to use a few other methods. 

Element TVs can be used without the Roku remote by operating the TV’s manual controls or converting a smartphone or tablet into a wireless controller. It can also be used as a basic monitor. Roku is built-in on the Element TV but isn’t accessible without an Internet connection. 

Using a smart TV like the Element without accessing smart features through its Roku platform does make it a less effective TV, but is it worth buying without accessing the Roku platform? Keep reading to learn more about Element TVs and their involvement with Roku.

Is the Element TV a Roku TV?

Many different brands of smart TVs are built with a Roku operating system. You might be wondering if the Element TV is a Roku TV…

The Element TV is a Roku TV since the operating system of the TV is designed to work around the Roku user interface. The Element TV also comes with a Roku remote to control the TV remotely, even though you can also control the Element TV with manual inputs on the monitor itself. 

While the Element TV is designed to be used with Roku and a wireless Internet connection, it’s still possible to get some functionality out of the TV even if you don’t have your Roku remote or a good Internet connection.

You might only use this information in an emergency if you temporarily lose your remote or lose access to the Internet. However, it’s still useful to know how to control your Element TV without accessing the Roku system. 

Using the Element TV Without Roku

Technically, the Roku operating platform is already baked into the Element TV’s software. So if you hook the Element up to the Internet, the Roku platform is what will show up automatically on your Element’s screen. However, if you don’t have access to the Internet or you don’t want to go through Roku, there are other methods you can use instead to use the TV without Roku. 

Manual Input on the Element TV Without Roku Remote

One issue you might run into with your Element TV is losing the Roku remote. Since these remotes can be notoriously small, they can easily slip down into couch cushions or get lost somewhere in the room. Manual input buttons on the TV monitor allow you to control the Element TV without your Roku remote until you find it again. 

The manual inputs on the Element TV are located on the monitor’s side. These buttons allow you to switch the TV on or adjust the volume. You can also press the Menu and both volume buttons together to act as an Enter or Select command.

The biggest downside to manual inputs on the Element TV is that you can’t change the TV’s input with the manual controls. To change the Element’s input, you need to control the TV remotely. Without a Roku remote, your other option is to use your smartphone as a remote. 

Remote Input on the Element TV Without Roku Remote

Another way to control the Element TV without a Roku remote is to use your Android-based smartphone or other Android smart device as a remote. 

Does the Element TV Have a Remote App?

The answer is yes! Downloading the Element TV remote app on the Android store will give you instant access to controlling your TV as long as you can establish a wireless connection between the phone and the TV. 

With the Element TV app, you can also control your Element TV with other Roku-based remote apps since the Element TV has Roku software as its operating platform. To use your smartphone as a remote that can replace your Roku remote, perform the following: 

  • Go to the Android Play Store on your smart device. 
  • Go to the website’s search engine and type Element TV Remote App.
  • Once you’ve reached the app page, select Install. 

After you select Install, all you have to do is wait. Once the app is installed on your phone, follow the in-app instructions to connect it to your Element TV and use it as a remote control. There are also other ways you can use your phone to control your Element TV.,

Are Element TVs Compatible with iOS Devices? 

Unfortunately, the Element TV is not directly compatible with iOS devices. However, you can still control your Element TV with an Apple device by downloading a third-party application. The best software app that allows you to use your Element TV with an Apple phone or tablet is SURE Universal Remote

To download a SURE-based remote on your iOS device, perform the following: 

  • Go to the Apple Store on your smart device.
  • Go to the store’s search engine and type in SURE Universal Remote. 
  • Once you’ve reached the SURE app page, select Install. 

Whether you have an Android or iPhone, it’s useful to know that you can control your Element TV without your Roku remote control if it ever gets lost. 

Element TVs Have Versatile Controls

Even though the Element TV is built around the Roku streaming platform, the TV manufacturers understood that you might not always have access to either the Internet or your Roku remote. Thanks to smart technology, you can control your Element TV just as easily from your smartphone as you can with a traditional remote control.

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