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Can You Use Echo Show 10 As A Security Camera For Your Home?

Last Updated Dec 26, 2021
echo show

Amazon’s Echo Show 10 is an HD smart device used for all different kinds of entertainment and security for your home or office. Many of Amazon’s verified buyers enjoy using their smart home products, and the Echo Show 10 is one of them! If you are looking to purchase an Echo Show 10 and are curious to know if you can use it as a security device for your home, we have the answers for you!

You can in fact use your Echo Show 10 as a security camera for your home! To do this, simply go into your settings, select “Camera,” select “Home Monitoring,” and then just verify your account! After doing this, your device will start to monitor and capture any movement around the area. 

Using your Echo Show 10 as a security camera can definitely come in handy, but you can also use your smart device for many other things too. Keep reading to find out more about Amazon’s Echo Show 10!

What Other Features Does The Echo Show 10 Come With?

You can use your Echo Show 10 device for any of your entertainment or video chatting needs. This smart device even has built-in HD video quality for you to enjoy your favorite shows and movies!

The smart device comes with an automatic movement feature to help make your video calls much easier, voice control from Alexa, music, photo galleries, and games! You can also use different applications such as Spotify, Pandora, Youtube, Netflix, and Amazon Prime too!

If you would like to learn more about Echo Show, check out this article. Although it can be quite overwhelming trying to find and set up different applications on your Echo Show 10, we got you covered on that!

How To Set Up The “Automatic Motion” Feature On Your Echo Show 10 During Video Calls?

Amazon’s automatic motion feature on its Echo Show 10 device allows you to move around while talking to your loved ones and have the camera follow you around while doing so! It’s a cool way for your loved ones to still see you as you are doing things around you.

To set this feature up, simply say “Go to settings” or manually go to your settings app, select “Motion,” and from there you can turn it on! Once this is turned on, your camera will be able to follow you around during video calls!

Now let’s take a look at how to get your Echo Show 10 device up and running in your home/office!

How To Set Up Your Echo Show 10 Devices In Your Home?

When you receive your Amazon Echo Show 10, it should come with a power adapter, a motion footprint template, and a quick start guide for the Echo Show 10. These things will be needed to help you set up your smart device.

To set up your Echo Show 10, firstly plug the power adapter into a power outlet and into your device. Once you plug this in, your smart device should turn on and have an on-screen prompt for you to follow. When you see the home screen loading, your Echo Show 10 is ready to be used!

So now that you have figured out how to set up your Echo Show 10, let’s see how you can troubleshoot your device if it becomes unresponsive.

How To Reset Your Echo Show 10 Device?

Sometimes your device can stop working and you may need to reset it in order for your device to operate again. If you are unsure on how to exactly do it, we’re here to help!

To troubleshoot your Echo Show 10, say “go to settings” or manually go into your settings, select “Device Options,” and then select “Reset to Factory Defaults, but retain Smart Home Device Connections.” 

Resetting your Echo Show 10 may delete some saved media that you still want to keep onto it. So if you’re unsure about completely resetting it, there are other options to try before resorting to this.

How To Resolve Connectivity Issues On Your Echo Show 10?

When you are watching a movie or listening to music and the streaming keeps on buffering, you may need to check your wifi connections. If you are trying to resolve your internet connection issues, here’s how to do it!

To fix your connection issues, try turning off your other devices’ wifi that you are not using currently. This may increase your wifi’s strength since you are reducing the number of devices on it all at once. You can also restart your router or move your device closer to it for a stronger connection.

Your smart devices’ are bound to act up once and a while, so making sure you know how to fix its connection issues is super important!


The Amazon Echo Show 10 is an amazing smart device to use for many different things. The possibilities are endless when you are using this unique device, and these tips and tricks on how to operate your Echo Show 10 are sure to help you use it to its fullest potential!