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Can You Use Bluetooth Headphones on a Smart TV?

Last Updated Apr 18, 2021
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On nights when everyone is asleep, but you want to watch a movie on your smart TV, headphones are handy to have on hand, so you don’t miss any of the dialogue or action. However, if you have Bluetooth headphones, you may be wondering whether they can be used with a smart TV.

Pairing Bluetooth headphones to a smart TV can be as easy as picking up the remote and heading to the Settings menu. Depending on the brand of television owned and if it is equipped with built-in Bluetooth capability, this will determine how to pair Bluetooth headphones.

While not all smart TV brands have Bluetooth capability, there are user-friendly devices that are affordable and provide another method to get you connected. Keep reading to find out the easiest way to pair your Bluetooth headphones with the television you own.

How to Pair Your Bluetooth Headphones to Your Smart TV

Knowing the brand of both your headphones and your smart TV will help you determine how you should connect the two devices.

Pairing Bluetooth Headphone to an Apple Smart TV

Let’s look at how to pair an Apple TV with Bluetooth headphones to see how pairing works with this smart TV brand.

  1. Refer to the user manual for your Bluetooth headphones to find out how to put the device into pairing mode.
  2. Using your Apple TV remote, go into your Settings menu, find the listing for Remotes and Devices, and then choose Bluetooth.
  3. Your TV will now search for your headphones.
  4. When you see the name of your headphones, choose the device, and enter a PIN if prompted.
  5. Now you should be connected and ready to listen.

Pairing Bluetooth Headphones to a Samsung Smart TV

Next, we’ll see how pairing is done on a Samsung TV. Depending on which television model you have, the procedure for pairing headphones on your Samsung smart TV will vary. Click here to find which procedure will connect you to the model you have.

  1. Using your remote, navigate to the settings or sound menu (depending on your TV model), and select the sound connection option.
  2. Ensure your Bluetooth headphones are in pairing mode, so your smart TV can locate the device.
  3. Select your headphones after they are located through the pairing mode, and you are ready to listen.

Using Bluetooth Headphones with Non-Bluetooth Smart TVs

If your smart TV doesn’t have the built-in ability to connect to your Bluetooth headphones, don’t worry. There is a multitude of high-quality and affordable Bluetooth adapters online that can enable this type of connection.

  • This affordable option from Taotronics is a reasonably priced adapter for your connection needs. Highly rated and easy to use, you’ll be connected quickly.
  • If you choose to invest a bit more into your Bluetooth connection budget, this adapter from Avantree has a user-friendly touchscreen menu.
  • Do you need more range from your Bluetooth adapter? This choice from Avantree allows you greater freedom to move about while still listening to your smart TV audio.

How to Check if Your Smart TV Has Bluetooth Capability

Checking the settings menu with your remote is the best way to see if your TV has built-in capability for Bluetooth. Try navigating the settings menu and look for sound or connection options. If you cannot find the option you are looking for, refer to your user manual, visit the manufacturer’s website or give them a call to find out what your options are. From there, you can decide which connection method is right for you.

Final Thoughts

Whatever brand of smart TV you own, you can easily connect your Bluetooth headphones so you can soon start listening to your favorite programs privately. While many newer smart TVs have Bluetooth capabilities, not all do, but luckily, several Bluetooth adapter options are available so you can still wirelessly connect your devices.

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