Can You Use Arlo Without Wi-Fi?

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Even though you may have wi-fi in your home, some areas can be a bit weaker than most. Trying to keep your Arlo security cameras from being interrupted, because of the poor wi-fi signal can be tedious. Can you use Arlo without wi-fi?

You do not need wi-fi to use Arlo. The Arlo Pro cameras are capable of being hardwired. Arlo Go Mobile Security Camera does not have to be connected to wi-fi in order to be used and can travel anywhere.

Not having access to wi-fi, should not stop you from picking an Arlo camera that works for you. The Arlo Go Mobile Security Camera would be your best bet for homes or properties that have little access to wi-fi.

Arlo Go Mobile Security Camera

The Arlo Go (Amazon) camera runs off of 3G/4G LTE wireless connections and comes with an Arlo Mobile SIM card. All you have to do is take it out of the box and connect it to your Arlo account and your camera will be able to start properly working.

Arlo Go
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Just like your standard Arlo security cameras, the Arlo Go is capable of:

  • Downloading, sharing, and viewing videos
  • Motion and sound detection
  • Watch live video footage on your smartphone
  • Night Vision
  • Two-Way Audio
  • SD card slot

The Arlo Go camera can also be charged on an Arlo Solar Panel (Amazon). Your Arlo Go is capable of staying indoors or traveling everywhere with you because an outdoor mount is also included in the package and it is completely wire-free.

And if you’re worried about the weather like me, you’ve done research into if Arlo Cameras are weatherproof or not.

The SD card slot is an important feature should something happen when your internet is interrupted. This feature allows you to store any recordings you have and back it up when you have no service.

Having a hardwired camera gives you the same benefits as a camera that is connected to wi-fi.

Hardwired Arlo Pro

A hardwired security camera will still keep you and your family safe and monitor any sounds or motions that surround your home. With a hardwired camera, there are more steps in place to install your security camera.

When you install a hardwired camera, there may be quite a few things to consider:

  • Installation: There are more tools that you will have to use, and you must consider the materials your home is made out of, in order for you to be able to drill holes in the walls.
  • Live Footage is Unavailable: Without having wi-fi you will not have access to your live video feed. Your two-way audio will not work, and hardwired cameras can only let you see past footage should anything happen.
  • Wires Everywhere: Needs to be connected to a DVR or NVR recorder to be able to handle everything and have them connected by Ethernet or BNC cables.

Although hardwired security cameras raise concerns, they are still a good choice. Most security cameras need wi-fi to operate, there are some good reasons that you do not need to have wi-fi in order to feel secure.

Wi-Fi is Not Always Needed

Wi-Fi cameras should not be the only option for those that do not want nor care for having wi-fi in their homes. There are some security cameras that do not require wi-fi at all and here is why:

  • Weak wi-fi connection: Wi-fi is always capable of going from “Very Good” to “Very Poor” in its status.  So, using an Ethernet cable is a more stable and better option.
  • Problems with being hacked: Hackers are everywhere and wi-fi cameras are not exempt from being hacked. Security cameras that use an Ethernet cable can make hacking more difficult.
  • Internet data usage: Wi-fi security camera companies offer a cloud service to store footage. This cloud service is constantly using your internet data and that can rack up to gigabytes. Wired cameras are attached to your DVR and do not interfere with your internet data.

Wi-Fi is not an essential tool to have when choosing which Arlo security camera, you may want. You may choose to get wi-fi in your home later on and want to know how it will cater to your needs.

Is a Wi-Fi Security Camera What You Need?

Trying to boost your wi-fi signal to reach your security cameras may prove to be harder than it sounds. Wireless cameras are easier to install, and you do not need to have wires running through your home unnecessarily.

Setting up your wireless security cameras can be easier for those who are beginners, leaseholders or those who want to spend less money on a security system.

With wireless security cameras, they can be taken with you a lot easier than wired cameras.

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